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Manage Your Flight Booking


Thank you for booking with GoAir and we look forward to flying you to your destination. We know that things change from time to time and you’ve landed on the right page to update your flight reservation. Please note that amendments attract administration charge per sector per passenger. 

Our Services

Priority Check-In

We understand that time is invaluable, like you are to us. We give you the option of priority check-in and priority baggage at just Rs. 400 in addition to our extra reasonable flight tickets. Could it get any better? The answer is yes! Be among the passengers who check in first and also receive your baggage before others do.

Pre Book Refreshments

To please your taste buds, we have a delicious menu with an array of veg, non-veg and Jain snacks. Simply pre-book your favourite refreshments and avail fabulous discounts.

In-Flight Menu

Now satiate your inner foodie even while flying! Introducing our brand new in-flight menu to please your palate!

Avail this amazing flight offer and indulge in this scrumptious meal. Eating at 35,000 feet has never been more tempting!

Pre-Book Excess Baggage

If you wish to carry more than the standard baggage allowance of 15 kg, you are welcome to pre-purchase the same in increments of 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg & 30 kg on www.GoAir.in according to your requirement.

Pre-Book Seats

We want you to have the best flight experience be it enjoying a view from the window at 30,000 feet height or be unencumbered along the aisle. Now choose a seat beforehand while making your online flight booking! Be it window seats, aisle seats or even seats with extra leg room, take your pick to stretch and get comfy on board at a nominal price.

Travel Insurance

Being a customer-centric airline, GoAir works the extra mile to make sure that you along with your belongings are insured and safe. Now be at peace while flying with our flight at an absolutely nominal cost. It’s time to fly smart and fly stress free with our travel insurance. We definitely offer more than just low airfares.

SMS Services

Flight booking can be a tricky business, with additional charges sometimes appearing out of nowhere, which is why we would like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to airfare and our services. With our new SMS services, get updates on GoAir’s new moves and latest information. You can check your flight status, flight schedules, search for the lowest airfare and view latest promotions through the serv