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Message from the CEO


[A] Aircraft Cleaning:

We spend between 6-7 hours cleaning each aircraft every day.

  • As of 7th March 2020, we have enhanced our overnight cleaning procedures. Typically, we use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved, hospital-grade disinfectant in the lavatories and an interior cleaner in the cabin.
  • Now, we are expanding the use of the hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the aircraft, and it will be used for deep cleaning the aircraft, i.e. in the cabin, on elements in the flight deck, and in the lavatory. This goes beyond any of the standard guidelines.
  • Also, we equip each of our aircraft with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which filters out recirculated air on-board each plane to remove airborne particles. HEPA filters are also used in hospitals to provide patients with clean air wherein they extract more than 99.999% of even the tiniest viruses, including COVID-19.

[B] At The Airport:

  • Disinfecting the check-in kiosks:

Touch-screens are used by multiple customers – at GoAir we have addressed this issue by disinfecting them multiple times on a daily basis.

  • Disinfecting gate areas and all the check-in counters:

Disinfecting the gate areas across airports that are part of our network has been initiated. Besides, disinfecting the ticketing and check-in counters is also being done.

[C] Across GoAir Offices:

  • We have equipped all employees with disinfectants, sanitizers, gloves and other protective equipment, particularly for those who engage directly with customers.
  • On-going education on WHO guidelines and training to our employees considering that they are the ones who interact with customers. All these measures have been initiated with single focus of ensuring customer safety and well-being of our employees too.

[D] Flexible Policies:

In addition, we want to take a moment to remind all the customers of our recently added flexible policies. These policies will provide our customers peace of mind every day.

  • In the immediate term (till 31st March 2020), we will allow new and existing bookings to be rescheduled without penalty (though fare differences may apply) for an alternate travel date till the end of April 2020. If your plans change and if you decide to postpone your travel, we will be happy to re-accommodate you on an alternate GoAir flight of your choice on the same sector as long as you notify us up to 3 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Additionally, we are also extending similar flexibility on all the new bookings for travel upto 30th September 2020 and not charge customers a fee to change their reservations. This facility is available for all new bookings as long as you notify us up to 14 days before the scheduled departure.

These policies are aimed at providing comfort to all our customers so that they can book and travel on GoAir as normal, and, if the circumstances change in the future, they can alter their plans without the penalty of a fee.

[E] Monitoring the Situation Closely:

Rest assured, we are monitoring this developing situation closely, staying in regular contact with Government agencies, health organizations, and other experts.

We've developed a host of resources to keep you informed and updated along the way, including our Travel Advisory on GoAir website and our company’s social media pages, and we'll continue to post updates as this situation evolves. Here is the latest bulletin from IATA for your perusal:


Thank you for your patience and trust in GoAir. We are prepared to navigate through these challenging circumstances keeping in mind your safety concerns and your continued confidence in GoAir at the forefront of everything we do.

We look forward to seeing you on-board soon.


Vinay Dube


Covid-19 Preparedness: A Message from our CEO

Covid-19 Preparedness: In Flight Cleaning Process


There is no higher priority to our entire GoFamily than the safety of our customers and employees. We want you to feel confident when travelling with GoAir and are prepared to navigate through these challenging circumstances keeping in mind your safety concerns and your continuous confidence in GoAir.

Your safety is our priority - A Message from our CEO