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Ranchi to Goa

Flight Number Destination Depart Arrival Time Days of Operations
G8 706 Ranchi to Goa 11:15 17:50 Su
G8 706 Ranchi to Goa 11:25 17:50 Su
G8 585 Ranchi to Goa 15:25 23:25 Daily

Ranchi to Goa Flights

Travel Description

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How many flights take off on a weekly basis?

GoAir operates around 9 Ranchi-Goa flights on a weekly basis. 

First Flight

The first flight leaves from Ranchi to Goa at 11:15 and lands at 17:50 bearing flight number G8 706. 

Last Flight

The last flight leaves from Ranchi to Goa at 15:25 and lands at 23:25 bearing flight number G8 585. 

Travel Time

The average travel time between these cities is Sir hours twenty-five minutes. 


Ranchi Airport code is IXR and Goa Airport code is GOI. The name of the Ranchi Airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport and Goa Airport is Goa International Airport. 

About Ranchi-Goa Flights

Ranchi, the summer capital of Jharkhand, has some of the most scenic cityscapes in India. Popularly referred to as the City of Waterfalls, Ranchi is a beautiful destination full of natural and cultural wonders, with opportunities for trekking through bamboo covered topography and feasting on regional delicacies like ‘Golgappas’, discovering Rabindranath Tagore’s literary sanctuary at Tagore Hill and enjoying the immensity of the Rock Gardens

Situated on the Bank of the Arabian Sea at its western coast, Goa is a honeymooners/couple’s paradise. Being one of the small, yet richest states in India, Goa is visited by beach tour enthusiasts, nature tour lovers, couples and honeymooners very much. From beautiful and palm-fringed beaches to dense forest ranges, paddy fields, vibrant cities, churches to temples and ancient market places, you have a lot to explore in Goa. Panji (the capital city of the state), Vasco De Gama, are the largest cities of the state. Among all attractions, what attract tourists very much are Goa beaches that are known for serenity, cool sea breeze and romantic atmosphere.

With GoAir, you can travel between these two amazing cities with ease and at the lowest of fares. The wide range of timings provided by GoAir ensures that you can easily plan your travel. So, what are you waiting for? Book your travels with GoAir today!

Ranchi Airport Address
Airport Name: Birsa Munda Airport

Airport Code: IXR

Goa Airport Address
Airport Name: Goa International Airport

Airport Code: GOI


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Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand is famous for its beautiful landscapes. Located in the part of the chota Nagpur plateau Ranchi is dotted with numerous beautiful locations including Johna falls, Rock garden, Nakshatra van and more.


The entire state is full of attractions that attract tourists from all parts of the world. some of the most fascinated attractions include: Beaches, fairs and other pilgrim places.