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Passenger’s Name: Babu Nallappa Varadarajan
Date: 01 September 2014.

Dear Management,


Please note that I was a traveller on your flight G8 - 303 from Mumbai to Chennai last night. It was unfortunate that I left my I-Phone on the seat while getting down with my infant who travelled on his second flight and realized only 20 min later.

Then I went searching for the Go Air counter one staff tried to check for my phone, however the flight commenced to travel to Pune. The Customer Service Executive (Mr. Shahid) told me that the team will do their best to search for the hand phone but he said he will not commit which I understand for obvious reasons and both of us shared our contact details.

At around 1.30 pm, I got the confirmation that the Go Air Pune team (Malai Chamny, Sec Exec) was able to find my hand phone and I collected it from Chennai Airport.

I was extremely happy with the excellent support rendered by Mr. Shahid and Ms. Malai Chamny and their understanding, without which I am sure I would not have got my I-Phone back. I work for a foreign Bank and I am into Human Resources who know the values of individuals like this who makes a huge difference in the organization as a role model.

Though I am generally not particular with any airline, this particular incident will make me think to choose Go Air for my travel next time.

Thanks very much to both of them and I wish the organization takes care of these valuable resources.

Babu Nallappa Varadarajan

Passenger’s Name: Siddharth Lakshman
Date: 28 August 2014.

Dear Mr. Kikani,

I am writing to acknowledge and bring to your notice the great service that I was rendered by two of GoAir’s employees.

I accidentally left my I-pad containing a lot of very important data on my flight from Mumbai to Delhi yesterday. I only realized this once I arrived at home in Delhi. Fortunately for me, your staff managed to retrieve the I-pad and retain it for me until I got back to the airport to collect it. What could have been a really irreplaceable loss was prevented by the sincerity and honesty of Mr. Vinay Mudgal and Mr Sandeep Sherawat, both GoAir ground staff at the Delhi airport.

I really appreciate their efforts for meeting me and handing over my I-pad safely.

This incident has happened to me once before, when I was not able to retrieve an I-pad that I had left on a GoAir plane, and I was very disappointed with GoAir and its response then. But, I am very happy to know that there are yet a few sincere and honest people like Mr. Mudgal and Mr. Sherawat around.

I would greatly appreciate it if their efforts are acknowledged.

Warm Regards,
Siddharth Lakshman

Passenger’s Name: Rajiv Wadhwa
Date: 25 August 2014.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email to you to show my sincere appreciation to the GoAir Staff at Ranchi Airport. I travelled from Delhi to Ranchi on 21st Aug and I had forgotten my book in the aircraft. On reaching the hotel I received a call from Mr Salim Akhtar from your staff and he informed me about the book and requested me to collect the same. I told them that i will collect it on my way back to Delhi the next day.

Next day, when I reached the airport, it was the most pleasurable experience as everybody from Baggage Scan to the Check-in counter and the gracious lady scanning the boarding passes remembered me by my name and asked me if I got my book.

Such an experience is very rare to see with any airline. Keep up the good Work!! Genuinely appreciate it.

Rajiv Wadhwal

Passenger’s Name: Kiren Babal
Date: 10 August 2014.

Special thanks to Goair staff....

It was after three years that my dad expired, I was flying to Ranchi, my hometown. I had mixed feelings of both joy and sadness. On 25th July, my cousin (who had come from Canada), her bhabhi and myself, flew to Ranchi, as a two days visit to my mother, brother and his family. My brother knew my cousin's programme, but bhabhi and myself accompanied as surprise package. However there was a surprise in store for us too...

Our plane landed around 8 pm. Night sky was overshadowed with downcast dark clouds. As we descended the stairs, I noticed it was raining with the thought flashing," Oh dear, we don't have umbrellas."

With people ahead of us could not see the ground activities going on.

No sooner did we reach the ground, smiling ground staff of Goair awaited us, standing in a row with umbrellas above their heads forming a long canopy to prevent the passengers from getting wet. ..till the transit bus which was just a furlong away. Their beaming faces welcoming us in the rain ...till the transit bus which was just a furlong away...was a cherry on the cake.

What a welcome...! My heart was overwhelmed at their compassionate gesture and eyes moistened with gratitude.

Ranchi airport, though small, renovated, was dazzling in its brilliance. It was like a no fuss airport. I felt so proud of this aspect of my hometown. My heart danced with joy and senses elated at such a sight.

This note is just to applaud the warm gesture of Goair staff...We are proud of you.


Kiren Babal

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Raghavendra Rao
Date: 08 August 2014.

I, with my wife were travelling (PNR 19T72) on 12th July ‘14 from Mumbai to Srinagar on-course to a weeklong hike in Himalayas. Just while boarding the plane at Mumbai, one of your staff informed me that one of our 3 backpacks was held at the security and not loaded to the plane due to some security concern and they needed my permission to inspect the contents of that bag. I was told that I was paged for the same reason and we never responded. In fact, we never heard their paging although we were at the food court. By then, according to them, it was too late to load the bag in question to this plane and was assured that it would be sent by same flight next morning. Though I wouldn’t be there to pick it as I would be on the scheduled hike , I was fortunate that one co-hiker was to join the hike a day late and he could collect the bag for me. I was supposed to leave my boarding pass with that co-hiker. Anyway, your airport staff at Srinagar, especially, Ms. Sabra Bashir was of great assistance in calming our nerves and helpful in fulfilling the required formalities. Though it was little difficult I managed to hike the first two days without my luggage by sharing things with my co-hiking wife. I got my bag intact after 2 days. Well, that was one part of my saga. While on the flight between Mumbai and Srinagar my mind was preoccupied with t what your staff told me about my detained bag. He never told us which of three bags was held up. I was working on ways to manage myself without either of the bags. While all this was going on in mind I forgot to take my E-book reader which I had kept in the in rack in front my seat while disembarking. The plane was on its way to Jammu. I realised my mistake a day later. By then it was late and I was already on the hike. I could not phone your people as I was in mountains. So, I hoped to be lucky and to recover it 10 days later -that’s after the trek. To my surprise and thanks to your staff’s help I could recover it after 10 days.

So, this to compliment your staff at Srinagar airport especially Ms. Sabra Bashir for being so duty bound and accountable. She was helpful in reassuring us while at the airport and then helping my co-hiker to collect the bag next day on my behalf. I thank Goair and your people for ending saga all-well.

Best Regards,
Raghavendra Rao

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Sujay Ojha
Date: 06 August 2014.

I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai on G8/330 on 05/08/14. While leaving the aircraft I somehow left my Apple Ipad in the front seat pocket -20F. I realized this about 1.5 hours later at in my Mumbai destination that the same was not with me. I called up the Mumbai airport office and they gave me the number of Security In charge to be contacted for the same. I spoke to Rupesh and after verifying my details on the phone, he informed that an Ipad had indeed been recovered from the aircraft. I reached he airport after some time and Rupesh personally handed over the Ipad to me. I realized that integrity was prime for all your employees since the Ipad would have either reached him through his personnel on the craft during cleaning changeover or maybe recovered directly by him. In either case, I am sincerely thankful for to Rupesh & his team, for demonstrating something called honesty which is slowly being reduced to just a fancy word. I wanted to put my comments also on your Facebook page but could not since there was no option to place and update, since other passengers can also know about this noble act.

Thank you very much GO AIR.

Appreciate sincerely,
Sujay Ojha

Passenger’s Name: Sushanta Chaudhury
Date: 5 August 2014.


After a long time I got a chance to fly by Go Air for BOM-AMD sector by flight G8-367 on 13/Jun/2014. I had a good flight and got into my friends car to reach Ahmedabad. On my way I received a call from an unknown number on my mobile and to my dismay, the stranger told me I have left a bag there in the flight where in there is a Samsung note II and Samsung Tablet 2 as well. Upon checking baggage I found that it’s really missing. We just turned our car around to come back to the airport to collect my bag.

There I met Mr Dipak Pathak, the Security supervisor who handed the bag to me. One question instantly I asked him as to how he found my baggage as there is no name mentioned on it. I was pleasantly surprised when he explained to me the way he traced me in such a short time. As he explained, he told me that he tried to switch on my mobile but failed as it was password protected. But he saw the name "PANAV" on the screen and that's my son’s name. This clue helped him to search for the passenger with that name and the contact number.

What more can I expect from a Security Supervisor? Mr Pathak truly deserves an appreciation from me as a customer.

I would definitely request the Airline to encourage and reward such kind of employees who take the responsibilities on their shoulder and carry out their duty sincerely.

Kudos, Mr Dipak Keep up the good work going buddy. You will be rewarded one day for sure.

Kind Regards,
Sushanta Chaudhury

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Parimal B. Shah
Date: 14 July 2014.

Dear Sir / Madam.

I am a regular national and international traveller since 1985 for business purposes. Over the years I have seen how in general the airline handling of customers has changed to the current point; where travellers are being treated indifferently and in a very MECHANICAL manner specially by Low cost / No Frills airlines..

In this scenario I was pleasantly surprised to be treated very well by Mr Yezdi Balasra who allowed me to check-in a couple of extra kgs which I could not carry as hand baggage due to my back problem. I will now prefer GOAIR whenever possible and hope that you keep up with this REASONABLE approach; where the airline not only keeps the cost under control but also understands genuine difficulties of travellers like me.

My ITINERARY: MUMBAI ¬ AHMEDABAD G8 ¬ 369 Sun¬ 13Jul2014 18:45

Wishing all the best to GOAIR...

Best Regards,
Parimal B. Shah

Passenger’s Name: Gandhali Bage
Date: 09 July 2014.

Dear GO AIR team,

I appreciate the support extended to me by Mr. Brijesh Kumar Bharadwaj, emp no: 1192 and his team for giving me an upgradation in the next flight when I missed my flight today from Delhi to Mumbai.

It was truly a kind gesture and pure customer satisfaction.

Glad to have a corporate account with GoAir and I look forward for a multiple cooperative services.

Thank you.

A happy regular flyer
Gandhali Bage

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Dhruv Gupta
Date: 05 July 2014.

Dear Manager,

This is to tell you that recently I flew with your airlines from Delhi to Goa. I would like to compliment the service we got at the Delhi Airport, it was because of your staff member Sakshi Tyagi. Her services and the way she made us feel during the check in has made me a permanent customer of Go Air. I am frequent flyer, I fly all over the globe and have travelled with almost majority of the airlines. So would like to tell you that, Sakshi with her attitude will go very far and it is important to retain her.

Thank You,
Dhruv Gupta

Passenger’s Name: Rup Kumar Chungkrang
Date: 04 July 2014.

Many many thanks to GUAWAHATI team, especially to MAYUR for making my cousin's (NICHOLAS PEGU GAU/AMD, PNR: 9J62TJ) journey safe and secure, as my cousin was travelling for the first time. Was very much worried, but was happy to know that guawahati team have taken good care of my cousin.

Hope you guys keep working with the same spirit and make passengers like my cousin feel at home while travelling.

Once again special thanks to MAYUR

Warm Regards,
Rup Kumar Chungkrang

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Sukhdeep Singh Gandhi
Date: 04 July 2014.

Dear Manager,

I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to bad service; and working within the hospitality industry for the last 10 years has, if anything left me with an appreciation of hospitality staff and what they deal with on a day-to-day basis. We complain a great deal these days. And we especially complain about service and costs on airlines. But the folks who aren’t nickel-and-diming us on baggage fees, priority boarding, etc. are the ones on the front lines dealing with cranky travellers. So, I want to take this opportunity to say a few nice things about my experience with Go Airways.

I travel a lot and initially I was reluctant to fly a low cost carrier, but since I started flying to and out of Ranchi I had only 1 option and that was Go Airways. The staff at the airport is so good, friendly and above all they make you feel special. Right from blocking seats to boarding the flight they are always smiling.

I would like to thank Mr. Neeraj Sharma & Mr. Roop Kumar in special at the Ranchi airport for handling things in a way which most of the airlines staff will not be interested in.

Sukhdeep Singh Gandhi

Passenger’s Name: Mr. R K Singh
Date: 29 June 2014.

This is in reference to our visit from Delhi to Lucknow on 27/06/2014 at 16:30 (flight no: G8-187), booking ref: P2ICVW.

The undersigned is overwhelmed and impressed with the behavior and services provided by your executive cashier Sh Brijmohan Gupta at the ticket counter.

I wish him success in his career.

We will ensure that our company will try to use GoAir services as much as possible.

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. R K Singh

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Abhishek Srivasttva
Date: 26 June 2014.

I have travelled from Kochi to Delhi via Mumbai against Ticket No. Q5PQYB.

While in Mumbai to Delhi Flight I have forgot my wallet at seat no 26D.

I would really want to appreciate the Security Team Special Thanks to Mr. Pramod Choubey who found my Wallet and handover to Mr.Ravinder Singh.

Once Again I would Thanks to the entire GO Air Team who takes care for their Customers as well as their belonging so much that anybody can feel free visit by taking your services.

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. Abhishek Srivasttva

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Rohit Ranjan
Date: 24 June 2014.

This is 4th time I traveled with GoAir, and I really appreciate service, and quality of service offered by entire GoAir Management and specially entire cabin crew were very friendly and cooperative.

I would really like to thanks and appreciate Miss Amy on G8-542 on 20th June flight from Patna to Kolkata, for there very friendly and cooperative response and nature, making my journey pleasant and memorable....

I would definitely like to travel with Go Air in near future....

I would only like to say, if Go Air provide some kind of Frequent Flyer program, that would be really helpful and interesting for flyers like us, who prefer Go Air for their Cheap and Best Service......

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. Rohit Ranjan

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Manish Dagar
Date: 21 June 2014.

I have a booking in your flight G8 194 (from Leh IXL to New Delhi DEL) at 10:20 AM on Jun 18, 2014.

When I reached the Leh airport, there large number of passengers were present. All are in trouble due to the cancellation of flight because of Govt. guidelines (Higher authority).

From the Go Air staff, we found a person name as Mr. Sameer Largar, who help out everyone in every aspects. He was very polite and humble with every passenger and describe the situation in very good manner. I got very much impressed with Mr. Sameer's behaviour and in the way he was performing his duty and handling the situation so nicely because there were around more than 100 passengers present. Everyone has his own problem. He manage the problem of everybody. Every person who came in contact with Mr. Sameer was very much satisfied and understand the problem of Go Air. It was also noticed that Mr. Sameer replied politely to the passengers who were getting angry and using abusive language for the staff of Go Air. The behaviour and nature of his duty is very much appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. Manish Dagar

Passenger’s Name: Bansidhar Ahuja
Date: 05 June 2014.

Dear Sir,

We are thankful to your duty manager at Delhi Airport Mr Vineet Behl and Ms Preeti Pande for preponing our schedule and accommodating all the four passengers in the flight G8-346 which was earlier, at FOC and the hospitality shown was good, great and outstanding, in my opinion such young officers with positive approach should be promoted as this people give good result to the airline.

Keep it up Go Air and continue this practice and earn good reputation.

Thanks & Regards,
Bansidhar Ahuja

Passenger’s Name: Kaustubh Tambe
Date: 02 June 2014.

Hi, This is Kaustubh Tambe.

I belong to Hospitality Industry since 2 decades and this experience was pure example of GOOD Customer Service portrayed by GO Air Team.

My family and friends, we had been to Kashmir for our vacation. We landed in Srinagar on 10.5.14. Total 19 of us.

On 12th May 14 I had to urgently come to Mumbai for work and reached here by 8.30 pm. The next day i.e on 13th May I finished my work early in the morning and proceeded to the airport to catch the direct flight of Go-air from (Santacruz airport) Mumbai to Srinagar starting at 11.05am.

I reached the airport by about 10.35am, went straight to the Go-air counter and asked for a ticket. I was desperate to reach Srinagar since my wife, kids and other friends were waiting for me there in Srinagar.

The staff at first were little apprehensive but upon insistence got in touch with Mr. Cyril G ( Reg. Mgr. ) through my Family Friend, his effective coordination and assistance got me into the said flight for BOM-SXR . As I was aware that it was only 30 mins for departure and the flight was on time but his customer eccentricity has to be appreciated more than words can prescribe.

Finally after a few clearances I was issued a ticket , another gentleman Mr. Datsun ( Duty Manager) assisted me to get my Boarding card and in a couple of minutes I was inside the aircraft and I was greeted with a smile by the crew rather than a gesture showing late arrival.

I joined my family and friends at Srinagar and we proceeded from the airport to go to Pahalgam and had a wonderful vacation thereafter.

Had it not been for the efficient, patient & co-operative Go-air staff my vacation would have been a disaster.

I have simply no words to appreciate the staff.



Passenger’s Name: Rahat Kulshreshtha
Date: 01 June 2014.


I had an experience at Leh airport that I was very impressed with. I was having some problem with my luggage and security. Under normal circumstances, specially at an airport like leh they get very anal about security matters.

There was an employee of yours who just decided to help us out with the problem. I think Samir zargar was his name, while he was managing all his other airport duties, he managed to make us feel at ease and helped us with a solution too in 5 minutes for which we thought would take forever.

Just wanted to thank Goair for keeping such a helpful staff. Normally people only write about negative feedback, but my family felt really nice after this experience and thought I must thank you for it.

Rahat Kulshreshtha

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Jaydeep.Desai
Date: 31 May 2014.

Recently (15.05.2014) I travelled by your flight from Ahmedabad to Bagdogra while I was on my tour to Sikkim.

I found that my luggage was wrongly carried off by one on the co-travellers. He left behind his baggage while departing.

I approached your Mr.Rajeev Chhetri(at your Bagdogra terminal office) immediately. I received a warm response and gained a hope for recovery of the bag due to his positive approach.

He rightly tracked the traveller's name and number from the baggage he had left behind. With repeated effort to call up the traveller he could contact him and finally call him back to the airport within 30 minutes.

Finally my lost baggage got recovered without much fuss. The exchange and receipt was well documented as well.

I am very happy and thankful for his co-operation and kind of professionalism and very good customer support extended to me.

Looking forward to fly by Go Air again.

Once again thanking Go Air and Mr.Chhetri for his support.

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. Jaydeep.Desai

Passenger’s Name: Mr. Sunder Singh Hanspal
Date: 31 May 2014.

I was travelling Yesterday from Bangalore to Delhi at 8:40 flight I don't know whatever the reason of delay but our patience were been check by the company but anyway we finally left Bangalore at 2:30.

One of your staff RAJESH MEHRA was too cooperative regarding the issue he took care for the meals and comfortable sitting arrangement and handles us very carefully.

This kind of staff is really important in these big companies so that reputation may remain till mark.

I may request you to greet him regarding the Yesterday issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. Sunder Singh Hanspal

Passenger’s Name: Srividhya Sivakumar
Date: 30 May 2014.

Our sincere thanks to Satpal Singh, approval Authority and manager and your staff Mr Sudhir Kumar, for the timely help provided for the seven of us on 29th May at Delhi airport.

We had made a booking through make my trip holiday expert as a package to Leh from 30th May to June 3rd. As a mistake on their part they had provided GoAir tickets to Leh for 29th may instead of 30th.

This came to our notice only on our arrival at Delhi airport from Kochi via Indigo flight number GE316 at 22:50 hrs. Mr Sudhir Kumar, on knowing our stranded situation immediately discussed our matter with the Manager and within a few minutes to our great relief provided tickets for 30th of May with booking reference NMUODY free of cost.

Thanking GoAir and all its staff for the humanity shown to us.

Best regards,
Srividhya Sivakumar

Passenger’s Name: Manish K. Jobanputra
Date: 29 May 2014.

Dear Mr. Murli,

I am writing this mail to Thank you & all your colleges at Goa Air, Bangalore Airport. My daughter Shriya, arrived Goa safely from Bangalore on 26th evening.

Thank you so very much for taking care of her & also for helping in completing all the formalities. You certainly went out of your way to help us, in this critical & urgent situation.

Thank you once again. May GOD always bless you, your colleges, your family & everyone in your Company.

Best regards,
Manish K. Jobanputra

Passenger’s Name: Avijit Mukul Kishore
Date: 23 May 2014.

Dear all,

I am writing to mention that the Go Air team at Leh was exemplary in their handling of the double cancellation of flights due to bad weather on 21st May.

We would like to specifically mention Mr. Abdesh Kumar, Mr. Sameer and Ms. Rehana for their personal care and help in accommodating us on the flight the next day and making sure we were not inconvenienced further.

Many cheers to the team!

Avijit Kishore
Rohan Shivkumar

Passenger’s Name: Neha Naik
Date: 08 May 2014.

To Nodal Officer, GoAirlines

I'd like to personally thank Mr. Yezdi Bulsara & Mr. Raghvendra Navale for the assistance provided in getting my bag back to me. I had left my bag on the flight from Delhi to Mumbai on the morning of the 6th of May. They were both very professional and helpful and ensured that I got my bag back with the least amount of hassles.

I appreciate the promptness to call me when I had left the bag behind & to follow through to ensure that I received it back with all my belongings intact.

Thanks again & do keep up the excellent level of services that you provide! it is good to know that there are companies & ppl that we can rely on :)

Best Wishes,
Neha Naik

Passenger’s Name: Seema Siddiqui
Date: 30 April 2014.

Dear Mr. Wadia,

This is a note of appreciation for some excellent customer care which I received yesterday, 29 April, 2014 from your ground staff (security) in New Delhi. I travelled from Bangalore to New Delhi on flight G8-116 yesterday and by mistake left a letter in an envelope inside the aircraft while boarding.

I contacted your office in Delhi and they connected me to Ravinder Singh Jagla who not only acknowledged my request but immediately got into action to look into it. He alerted the relevant individuals in Delhi and in Bagdogra too where the flight was headed post the stopover in Delhi.

He not only located my letter but also kept me updated about the developments. I collected the lost envelope around 5:30 pm yesterday post the flight coming back into Delhi by another helpful security individual on duty then, Deepak Khaduri.

I really appreciate the meticulousness with which my request was handled by your staff and also the effort and insight applied in keeping me updated. Such service is actually a competitive differentiator! I wish your team great success!

Kind regards,

Passenger’s Name: Girish lunavat
Date: 16 April 2014.

On 15-04-2014 we travel from delhi to pune by go air in the evening Mr. Parvindra duty manager help us very quickly without hurdle there are people like Parvindra that's why our country and go air is running otherwise very bad experience of go air we have to think of go airways Mr. Parvidra is capable of handling more responsibilities.

Thanks Parvindra for co operation.

Girish lunavat

Passenger’s Name: Piyush Nahata
Date: 07 April 2014.


I was talking to Nasir Sheikh from Go Air over customer support and he was really helpful in more than one ways, i wish go air has staff like this and good job done by the HR in finding the right talent in him.

Wishing you success in the near future. have a nice day.

Piyush Nahata

Passenger’s Name: Arvind Seth
Date: 01 April 2014.

Thankful Acknowledgement,

Hi, today I travelled from Delhi to Kolkata (G8/101) and I forgot my wallet in the flight but due to the activeness and honesty of Mr. Sovan Bose - Service Executive, I got my wallet back within 1 hr. I am very thankful to him and team GO AIR. I wish him and Go Air to have a great success.

Arvind Seth

Passenger’s Name: Anshuman Singh
Date: 21 March 2014.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please treat this email as a citation for excellent customer service provided by one of Go-Air employee - Riccale D'souza.

Riccale was instrumental in ensuring that a Travel Certificate is provided to me in a short timeline ensuring the clearing of my LTA claim before a cut-off date.

Riccale displayed great empathy in understanding the undersigned person’s urgency and was extremely hands-on in solving the problem quickly.

Due to excellent service provided by your employees like Riccale, I chose Go-Air to address my travel requirements over other airlines.

A big thank you to Riccale and Go!

Anshuman Singh

Passenger’s Name: Archana Singh
Date: 14 March 2014.


I just wanted to give feedback for Mirza Asif, who is very responsible and good go air employee, who helped me on 10 th March when my luggage was 35 kg and I had to pay 5000 rs, he only suggested me if I pay just 2500 then I can go in bussiness class and there I can take this much luggage free. So he saved my 2500. He was very polite,with smile on his face always and very helpful employee. He has managerial skills,I wish to see him again in managers post.I appreciated.

Archana Singh

Passenger’s Name: Ashish Chandrawanshi
Date: 12 March 2014.

This is to bring to your kind notice that I travelled from Leh to Delhi on 12.03.2014 by G8-194 (PNR No. UBRE82).

My Leh Airport Check-In, Baggage Identification as well as Boarding Experience has been highly pleasant & personalized by Mr. Sameer Zargar, who was very sensitive to the even smallest needs of travellers.

He was highly attentive & motivated in reaching out to all categories of travellers, be they foreigners, defence personnel or even labour class.

I'm writing this mail so as to add to his motivation for him to consistently deliver.

Please accept my heartiest compliments for having such talented workforce & convey my

best wishes to him.

Ashish Chandrawanshi

Passenger’s Name: Ashutosh Bhupatkar
Date: 18 Febraury 2014.

I saw Vaibhav Mathur leading the cabin crew on my flight to Delhi from Pune on 9 Feb 2014. He was confident, competent, clear and unhurried in everything that he did from serving to announcing. The general tendency is to hurry through the announcements leaving passengers gasping for their breath. He was excellent, especially when he complimented the Captain for a feathertouch landing.

Ashutosh Bhupatkar

Passenger’s Name: Panchapekesan MB
Date: 16 January 2014.

PNR G8 OZSM0T 12.45 pm today. Self and wife with best wishes and Blessings to the dynamic delightful lady who assisted us on phone 922 3222 111. So kind, very comprehensive and intelligent, caring and concern towards us with an absolute dedication towards their organisation. GoAir team will go and remain in our grateful heart.

Panchapekesan Parvathi

Passenger’s Name: Donesh Olyaie
Date: 16 January 2014.

Hello, I wish to offer my compliments to a Go Air employee who provided excellent service to my associate and I on a recent flight from Mumbai to Goa. After a cancelation of our flight on 20 Jan, we had resigned ourselves to waiting in the Mumbai airport for 6 hours. When our Jaipur flight arrived in Mumbai, we discovered that another Goa flight had been delayed and was boarding at that moment. After being told that we would not be able to board that flight by numerous Go Air employees, we tried one last time with Deputy Airport Manager Yezdi Bulsara. His considerate and accommodating attitude was very refreshing and after only a few moments we announced that he would be able to book us on the earlier flight and we quickly boarded the plane. As a result of his superior service, my associate and I were able to attend an important business dinner that evening in Goa and have since moved forward on an investment plan that came out of that meeting. I wish to thank Mr. Bulsara for his assistance and encourage others working for Go Air to follow his example of superior customer service.

Donesh Olyaie

Passenger’s Name: Nidhi Tiwari
Date: 09 December 2013.


I had recently traveled on Go Air 175 from New Delhi to Pune on the 7th December. I was traveling with an infant who was unfortunately extremely fussy. But, one of the crew members, Arun Sharma, was very helpful and supportive to me during that flight. Also he was very courteous, sympathetic and friendly and it made my tough journey so much easier. I definitely appreciate the extra effort that your staff did for me.

Thank you so much

Nidhi Tiwari

Passenger’s Name: Ms. Priyanka Deolia
Date: 11 November 2013.

Hello all,

I want to compliment one of your excellent flight attendant, Ameet Pawar. I recently flew on Go Air flight G8 380 (Goa-Bom) departure time 23:35 on November, 08.

I boarded the flight after my bike accident in Goa. Flight attendant Ameet Pawar with his warm and genuine concern made sure to check on me if I was okay on the flight. His extended help was seen with a smiling face while I was getting off, surprising he carried my bag for me and said there is wheelchair assistance waiting for me and walked down the stairs from the aircraft with my bag, making sure I am okay!

Anyone can ask me about how I am feeling but someone actually going great lengths effortlessly to help me was truly commendable. Ameet Pawar did it-Kudos to that!

Such service builds great working relationships. This gesture made me feel so special and I cant stop talking about it to everyone I meet! Please make sure this mail is cascaded to all the senior officials and especially this attendant Ameet P for making a passenger feel special!

Good luck and all the very best!

Best regards,
Ms. Priyanka Deolia.

Passenger’s Name: John Mathew
Date: 18 April 2013.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had on a Go Air Flight recently from Pune to Bangalore. While I was boarding the flight I noticed a very unique behavior by a flight attendant (later while I was exiting I learned her name is Ms Bhavikam) who was standing in the middle of the aircraft and was welcoming passengers in a very genuine manner. She was so kind to couple of mom's travelling with young children. A behavior seldom observed in some of the top class airlines like Singapore or Qatar airways. It was refreshing for me as well, being a person who travelled more than 200K miles in the past 3 years world wide and several times in Indian carriers.

However the ability/care of Ms Bhavikam was quite apparent when a lady sitting right behind me suddenly collapsed with hypoglymia about 20 minutes into the flight. Ms Bhavikam was able to suddenly recognize the situation as a potential hypoglycemia. The next 50 minutes, I saw a person who took care of that lady like taking care of her own Mom, which was an unprecedented experience for me during the past 19 years of my air travels. Interestingly I have seen a similar situation on another flight 6 months ago, but the care given at that time was no where near the care that Ms. Bhavikam was able to provide.

I wanted to write this to your CEO/Chairman to let him know that Employees like Ms. Bhavikam are the ones that makes a big difference in today's Air travel where every flight attendant has transformed themselves into a sales girl or sales man whose focus is always all about to generating maximum sales during the flight, though I fully understand the economics of low cost carriers. I wish every flight steward had the commitment and love for their profession like Ms. Bhavikam, whose whole interest appeared to be to give every traveler a great experience on that flight from the moment people step in especially for those who were in need. I am confident that such employees will help to differentiate a great companies from a good ones.

Thanks again

Passenger’s Name: Michael Singh
Date: 15 April 2013.

Dear GoAir,

My name is Michael Singh and I traveled from Bangalore to New Delhi and back recently via Go Air.

On my return journey, I had a very positive service experience with Mr.Satpal Singh at Terminal 1D in New Delhi Airport. I was extremely late for the flight despite several planned measures. I somehow got the number of Mr.Satpal Singh and he kept giving me updates on my chances of boarding the flight. He never made any false commitments but did tell me he would do his best to get me onboard once I reached the airport.

By the time I reached the airport, he had already organized for my boarding card to be printed and my luggage to be collected (and sent later). I managed to board the flight only due to his intervention.

Ms.Ranita at the Terminal 1D checkin counter was extra quick and helpful with my boarding card and luggage. She even apologized to the other passenger at the counter as she abruptly stopped her existing transaction to hand me my boarding card.

At Bangalore, collecting my luggage a day later was a very pleasant and smooth experience thanks to Mr.Ralph Cooke.

In a world where everyone is busy and "special" service is only for the privileged platinum members in other big airlines, this was a refreshing change.

Just wanted to convey a big THANK YOU to Mr.Satpal Singh and a special word of appreciation for Ms.Ranita and Mr.Ralph Cooke.

Michael Singh

Passenger’s Name: Suhit Saha
Date: 18 March 2013.


I am really glad to travel with GoAir. It is the best in the league. Excellent airplanes with decent leg space, crew is really good and the support staff are really helping, I missed my book on the flight on Friday, they got it to me on the Monday flight.

Loved traveling with GoAir. Keep maintaining it in the same way. Keep flights on time and such good helping people around.

Thanks again.


Passenger’s Name: Vipul Prakash
Date: 09 March 2013.

Dear Sir(s), I am so impressed with your airline, it’s staff and your customer responsiveness that I felt compelled to write this mail to you. That is started from a Faux Pas is something which you would find surprising.

It happened on 4th of January when I called the Go Air Customer Service requesting that the departure date from Goa to Delhi on my wife’s ticket along with my two kids and their nanny’s ticket be shifted from 5th to the 7th as they wanted to extend their holiday by a few days. Unfortunately while all the other tickets were changed the one for the Kids Nanny wasn’t. Resultantly we had to buy an additional ticket for the Nanny.

While I was upset, I was hopeful that taking the matter up with the concerned people at Go Air would get me a redressal. With this I wrote to the feedback ID on your website and I promptly got a revert from Riccale D'souza who is an Executive with your Customer Care Team. I was assured the matter would be handled to my satisfaction. Whenever I wrote to your customer care Riccale diligently responded.

The overall experience was so good and pleasant that I have decided not only to fly Go Air when it’s available but also I have become a self-appointed brand ambassador of your airline and have been recommending your airline for its exceptional customer orientation.

Three cheers to all of you. Especially Riccale.

Vipul Prakash

Passenger’s Name: Rahul Kapoor
Date: 19 February 2013.

I would really like to thank You GoAir for the wonderful flight & pleasant in flight services .. I was in one of your flights and your services are Excellent .. Mr Imran Khan your flight steward was pleasant , happy to help and very polite. Looking forward to fly with you again. Thank You for the excellent staff you have hired for the Inflight services. Cheers

Rahul Kapoor

Passenger’s Name: Chitra
Date: 15 February 2013.

I am very glad with your services , even at the airport executives are very helpful and positive.


Passenger’s Name: Deepak Lalwani
Date: 08 Febraury 2013.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Pls refer to the below flight of 8th Feb 2013:

GOI (GOA) / BOM (MUMBAI TERMINAL 1B)G8 - 374 08Feb2013Fri-08Feb2013 08:00Fri-08Feb2013 09:10 0

I was seated along with my sister on seats 1A and 1C resp.

We would like to pay compliments to the service we have received on board this flight.

Right from the check in to the ladies at the boarding gate, they have all been very well trained and greeted us with a smile and courtesy which is missing nowadays with many airlines who seem to be taking passengers for granted.

On board we have received exceptional service from Mr. Vaibhav Mathur and Ms. Sophungla Shimphrui.

Mr. Vaibhav was not only very polite and courteous but also his safety briefing and cabin announcements were very clear. This is also good because nowadays on many flights, when the cabin crew make announcements, you can barely her what they are saying and they seem to want to just mumble and run through words as a procedure with no comma, pause, or full stop.

We hope you will recognize their good service as an inspiration to other crew members and as motivation for them to continue this service.

Based on this first experience of travelling with Go Air, I would surely choose to fly with you again and recommend Go Air to friends and colleagues.


Passenger’s Name: Captain Alok Parashar
Date: 7 February 2013.

G8 196 - good service, smooth flight, great experience.

Well done, keep it up, do India proud.

Take care.

Captain Alok Parashar

Passenger’s Name: Amit Bhargava
Date: 25 January 2013.

Hi GoAir,

As a true Indian I salute your team. My respect for your airlines has gone beyond imagination. My wife Aarti Agarwal was travelling on the GoAir flight from Delhi to Bangalore on 25th Jan 2013. My wife was travelling alone with my 2 year old daughter. I was as usual worried how will she manager her luggage with the baby. The helper outside the airport helped my wife taking the luggage, getting the boarding pass till the departure gate with a pleasant smile. In the last my wife offered her a small tip as a gratitude towards his service. I dont know who he was but I have my highest level of regards for this guy who said ' No madam, this is a part of my job, its my duty'. We still have good people in this world where corruption takes the center stage ... hats of to this guy...

I asked my wife you should have atleast asked his name .... I dont have it else I will ould have found out and called him to thank and say you are the best and how much people like us respect you. Thanks for all your service.... You guys are the best team together... keep it going.

Amit Bhargava

Passenger’s Name: Srikanth
Date: 4 December 2012.

Dear Go Air,

Yesterday I flew with Go-Air from Pune to Bangalore in the 6:25pm flight (Flight No.G8/242 and PNR: TWL1F8). I was quite impressed with Mr.Nitin Khalkar's (Captain) inflight information and timely updates of weather. Also the landing at Bangalore was probably the smoothest that I have ever experienced. So please forward my appreciation to the captain as well as the inflight crew for a comfortable flight. Hope you will keep up the same kind of service in the future.


Passenger’s Name: Francis Gomes
Date: 01 July 2011.

thank you very much for the wonderful service i got by flying with goair

the staff were very helpful at goa airport and on the plane will fly again with goair the plane left on time


Passenger’s Name: Ritesh Sharma
Date: 21 June 2011.










Passenger’s Name: R.K.Bhargava
Date: 02 June 2011.

Dear Jeh Wadia.

Greetings, Trust this will find you in the best of health and good spirit. Well I have been in aviation industry for a long period and so can visualize this industry.

As I have travelled 80% of globe in various airlines and by Indian domestic airlines, I travelled in your airline for the first time on 22nd may 2011, from Delhi to Patna vide PNR " Q19L8M ".

I have no choice other then bounded to express my sincere appreciation about the service , hospitallity and perfection of your staff and perfect timings.Todays the world is service and result oriented , and I am proud to say that you have added " SERVICES TO HUMANITY ' in your team of airline.

You deserve a bouque of flowers , and my sincere wishes for the growth of your airline.

With Warm Regards, and Peace With You,

Passenger’s Name: Santosh
Date: 27 May 2011.

Thanks Reena.

I am impressed with the service levels from Go Air and it has further enhanced its stature as a preferred airline for self and our group of companies.


Passenger’s Name: Dr. (Mrs.) Naila Aaijaz
Date: 25 May 2011.


Dear Go Air Management, Staff and Crew Members,

Greetings from Malaysia !

Myself and my ailing father Dr. G.M. Yazdani would like to thank you for all the courtesy extended to us to help us reach Delhi from Pune via Go Air (flight no. G8-362) on Friday 13th May, 2011 – much appreciated . We would like to thank you for an excellently organized journey – right from sending the wheel-chair and attendants to help us on time. I flew back to my work-place Malaysia the same night but could not help remembering the courtesy and gestures offered to us by Go Air management, crew members and staff.

I was apprehensive initially of travelling with my weak father who had been just discharged from hospital and I had to take him to my bother’s house in Delhi. But Go Air did it for me.

I will certainly recommend your company to any one I hear of thinking of a visit to India from Malaysia.

I am attaching a picture of the Go Air trip too with me and my dad alongwith a Go Air attendant.

Dr. G.M. Yazdani (my father’s) contact no. in Dwarka (Delhi) Mobile – 8826857074, 9371001954

Thank you for everything.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. (Mrs.) Naila Aaijaz

Passenger’s Name: Shatrughan Sinha
Date: 15 May 2011.

Shatrughan Sinha

Passenger’s Name: Aanchal Kumar
Date: 18 Apr 2011.

Dear Ms Naroola,

I must place on record and compliment your airlines.Although I had an opportunity of availing services of many airlines, services provided by your Airline is unparallel in terms of customer care and prompt response leading to customer satisfaction. Looking forward for a long healthy association with your airlines!

Aanchal Kumar

Passenger’s Name: Parkesh Rana
Date: 14 Mar 2011.

Parkesh Rana

Passenger’s Name: Novikova Nadezhda
Date: 21 Feb 2011.


My name Novikova Nadezhda. Our family has been living in Ukraine. We love to travel the world. Last year in summer we used the services of your AAirpass. We really liked the work of your staff. Your work and professionalism level. Well done. Thank you very much. Our children: Lena and Nikita liked flying.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Passenger’s Name: Meyer Francoise
Date: 21 Feb 2011.

Dear all,

I should very much thank the crew of Go Air flight from Delhi to Goa on February 12th FLIGHT 58-175.

In fact, they retrieved my cell phone and handed over to me.

My sincere thanks to them.  Please convey this message to them if possible.

Kind regards,
Meyer Francoise

Passenger’s Name: Basant Choudhary
Date: 11 Feb 2011.

I had a very good experience at your check-in counter. Your Staff is very courteous and helpful.

Basant Choudhary

Passenger’s Name: Shankar S.
Date: 11 Feb 2011.

Good Reception at the check-in counter. Fast check-in and absolutely hassle free. Keep up the good work!

Shankar S.

Passenger’s Name: Neelkanta Iyer
Date: 10 Jan 2011.

Dear Abdeep,
Thank you for the very prompt service and appreciate the help in this regard.
Am quite glad to be a customer of Go Air.

Neelakanta Iyer

Passenger’s Name: Kalpesh R. sheth
Date: 10 Jan 2011.

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for the service. This service provided to me today will always make me travel by GoAir.

Regards ,
Kalpesh R. Sheth

Passenger’s Name: Rajesh Khanna
Date: 08 Jan 2011.

Respected Madam,

We thank you for your efforts in getting refund for the above ticket GoAIR G8-302 dated.26.11.2010 from Mumbai to Delhi.

We appreciate you sincere attempts made to secure the refund showing your  honest   concern for the travelling

Ma’am, this attitude of yours will take you very far in your career.

Wishing you all the success in your career and very happy new year.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Rajesh Khanna

Passenger’s Name: Rajee Savla
Date: 03 Jan 2011.
My Parents were traveling by this flight, and were very happy with the service provided to them.

The wheel chair service was efficient and comfortable.

Though the flight was delayed, the staff were courteous and took care of them.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajee Savla

Passenger’s Name: Anurag Garg
Date: 09 Dec 2011.

Dear Managers,

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend and provide very positive feedback for one of your customer care officers ‘Reena Rakshe’.

My family was travelling back from Mumbai to Chandigarh (3rd Dec) and they needed special assistance given their health condition at that time. I called customer care and spoke to Reena about my problem to which she gave the full attention and made sure that she understands each and every aspect of the difficulty. She was not in a hurry that she had to move on to next customer call and instead of giving me a bookish response and just read the policies, she made every effort to ensure that the passengers get the maximum assistance and comfort during their travel.

Her mannerism to talk to customer was very good and not only she was able to give more than satisfactory response , but also took steps to make sure that everything is in place at Mumbai airport as well as Chandigarh airport for my family.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need more details.
Given the service: Am very happy to choose GoAir and intend to have GoAir as my preferred carrier going forward.

Anurag Garg,

Passenger’s Name: Shashank Mehta
Date: 09 Dec 2011.

With regard to the mail bellow, I really appreciate Go Air services and extend my heartfelt thanks for the same.

It was indeed a pleasure dealing with Go Air.

Shashank Mehta
Director- J. M. Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Passenger’s Name: Rahul Arora
Date: 02 Dec 2010.
Thanks Prama,

I understand that these kind of incidents can happen. I don't have any major complaints against handling of this issue by GoAir, just that Bangalore airport office was not responding and were not keeping their commitment of callback.

You were the light of hope for us in locating this luggage so please accept this as complement from me and my wife and we thank you for your efforts in getting the bag back.

Looking forward to travel by GoAir again

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Arora

Passenger’s Name: Bhasker
Date: 02 Dec 2010.
Dear Abdeep,

Many Thanks and was touched by your convern. keep it up! It was nice talking to you on the phone. Take Care

Thanks and Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Lakshman
Date: 08 Sept 2010.
Hello Divya,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the prompt and sincere customer support put in to resolve this issue. This gesture puts a lot of respect and value when we choose GoAIr to fly as well as for the feedback we provide as customer.

Thanks and Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Vaibhav Sodaye
Date: 12 Sept 2010.
Compliments : Airport Service,

I would like to thanks Mr. Rizwan. for the help he provided me on 9th of sept 2010, for assisting me on the nagpur airport, as the booking was made from some other airline on the day, and i had missed my flight. So he came forward and made me the arrangements for the 1st flight from GO-AIR to mumbai the next day(10-09-2010) in the morning. (Flight-G8/212/ SEAT nO-28F)It was nice to see that such kind of service and customer oriented approach from him.(which i dnd got from the airline which i had made the booking).Thanks a lot Rizwan and GOAIR. As i frequiently travel from mum-nag, so def. would be travelling from goair in future.

Thanks and Regards,
Vaibhav Sodaye

Passenger’s Name: Jaspreet Kaur
Date: 10 Sept 2010.
Compliments : In-Flight,

Hi... I took flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh at 9.10 am on Sep 10, 2010. The pilot Capt. S.S.Bindra was very interactive. He was giving very timely information. I really aappreciate him for this effort. I request you to give me his e-mail id. I want to thank him personally.

Thanks and Regards,
Jaspreet Kaur

Passenger’s Name: Kanika Wahi
Date: 06 Sept 2010.
Compliments : Others,

In Praise of Mr. Yezdi - your ground staff manager at Mumbai Airport. Hi, This is a rather delayed feedback, but it was wandering in my mind since quite some time and so i thought to take out a moment today and give this much needed & well-deserved feedback in praise of Mr. Yezdi, who helped me a great deal in finding my lost baggage in just a couple of hours. Details: I boarded the early morning flight from Delhi to Mumbai, G8-451 on Thursday June 3rd, 2010 at 5:25 hrs. Due to some personal reasons, my mind was a little lost and therefore I did not pay a close attention to the sticker on my boarding pass for my checked -in baggage. The boy across the counter, at Delhi airport, who was issuing the boarding passes was also not very careful and was handling multiple passengers at the same time. (these passengers were on different sectors). So, due to lack of my alertness to check my checked in baggage sticker on my B.Pass and also due to the carelessness of that boy, my baggage got checked-in but that boy put the sticker on someone else's boarding pass. (It was discovered later on that this person was not even going to Mumbai, but had boarded the flight to Nagpur). So when i reached the Mumbai airport and was waiting at the carousel to claim my baggage, naturally i was panicked since i only found my one bag and the other was missing. I was so much worried, I started to cry. (I had recently lost my mother and that bag contained some of her precious memories. So I had a great amount of emotional attachement with the stuff that was there inside the bag and so it bothered me a lot and I was really perturbed). So then a few of the ground staff peope came and tried to help me but i was really upset and was crying. I could see the officials making calls to Delhi airport and other airports, but they didn't have any luck. My tension was growing. Then Mr. Yezdi came, and tried to console me. He calmed me down and assured he would do everything possible to find the baggage and will let me know as soon as he gets to know of something. He convinced me to go back home and get rest and wait for his call. I was additionally disturbed because just when i was at the airport in the middle of all this mess, my husband called me from U.S. and informed about a change in my travel dates to the U.S. He informed me that my tickets had already been booked for the night of June 4th. (which means i had just 24 hours to pack everything and reach the international airport). I wasn't prepared for this, since i had thought i woudn;t have to travel for the next 3-4 weeks. So, there was this additional panic on my head. I told Mr, Yezdi about this and requested him to find the bag & do whatever he could since i just couldn't leave for U.S without my mother's memories. Mr.Yezdi sent me back home and as soon as I reached home, after about 15-20 mins, Mr. Yezdi called to inform me that there was bag that had been identified as "not claimed" at Nagpur airport and the descrition also matched the one that i gave. He said he was getting the suitcase transported on the next flight from Nagpur to Mumbai and would reach in about 1 hour's time. He said he would call to inform me as soon as the flight lands Mumbai and that i could then come to the airport and meet him to collect my bag. I was SO RELAXED, SO HAPPY!!! I went to the airport, met Mr. Yezdi and he handed me over my bag. I was so relieved to see my bag!! I was Extremely Happy and impressed with such promptness and such compassion with which Mr. Yezdi and his team helped me. I gave a thank you note to Mr. Yezdi but thought that a formal feedback would also be a good thing to do. I would appreciate of my message would be given a good consideration and be treated as a recommendation for Mr. Yezdi. It's is all because of him that my trust in airport authorities has increased a great deal and you also now have a dedicated passenger on Go-Air airlines. :)) I tell this stoty to one & all, whenever we happen to talk about airlines & their services in India. I am happy that Mr. Yezdi gave me something really nice & positive to talk about. For a passenger, it's just not the experience of traveling in flight but the after-service is what matters the most, especially when a passenger has a lost bag! I recommend that a good appreciation letter, good appraisal and reward be given to Mr. Yezdi for all that he has done for me. I will always remain grateful to him!! Thank you, Mr. Yezdi and sorry for my late feedback. You very well deserved every bit of it.

Thanks and Regards,
Kanika Wahi

Passenger’s Name: Dinesh Sharma
Date: 03 Sept 2010.
Dear Mehjabeen,

Sincere thanks for a timely resolution of my complaint.

It does fortify my faith in Go Air and I realise you genuinely care for the consumers.

I would take this opportunity firstly thank and then request your management for same resolution for all consumers in the same situation in future.

It will really help build strong loyalty and very positive word of mouth.

Though pricing is critical in competitive cost leadership segment that Go Air competes in, the core reason for success is very good quality of air travel with out usual luxuries offered by other full service airlines.

Time is of key essence in Air Travel hence the criticality of the above suggestion.

Thanks and Regards,
Dinesh Sharma

Passenger’s Name: Anal Shah
Date: 16 August 2010.
Dear Divya,

We would like to place on record our appreciation for your prompt understanding of the matter and processing the refund.

Our corporate will truly be very happy & we will ensure promoting of GoAir as best as we can.

Thanks and Regards,
Anal Shah

Passenger’s Name: Nirmaljit Singh
Date: 14 August 2010.
Compliments : Others

I would like to thank go-air for their customer oriented service as compare to other airlines.I had entered wrong name by mistake on my ticket, then contacted the go-air through email service, and they sorted out the problem with in two working days. I had same problem with another airline,but it has been 4-5 days, i have not even received any confirmation email from them. So i would like appreciate the service provided by go-air and thanks for the help.

Thanks and Regards,
Nirmaljit Singh

Passenger’s Name: Ashwani Shukla
Date: 10 August 2010.
Dear Divya,

Thanks for your prompt response. When no one responded my email since yesterday, you replied my email within 25 minutes of receiving my email. I really appreciate it.

Thanks and Regards,
Ashwani Shukla

Passenger’s Name: Amardeep Grover
Date: 10 August 2010.
Compliments : Airport Service

I would like to put on record the exemplary display of customer centric approach by two of your managers at the Mumbai airport, Ashley Perira and Gurminder Chadha. I was travelling by G8 376 from Mumbai to Delhi on August 7, 2010 and the flight was rescheduled twice and finally flew at 0150 hrs on August 8, 2010. Ashley and Gurminder although facing flak from irate flyers like me displayed maturity in handling them. Knowing that I had had a long day they made my prolonged stay at the airport most comfortable by extending courtesies of the coffee shop in lieu of a lounge facility. Gurminder was especially great at putting me at ease. It would be great if you commend them.

Thanks and Regards,
Amardeep Grover

Passenger’s Name: Hina Khan
Date: 03 August 2010.
Compliments : Airport Service

I want to appreciate ur jaipur ground staff suresh amarwal .he was most helpful.he saw me carrying heavy luggage n called another staff to help me with the bag till aircraft. If I travel next with go air it will be only for suresh Amarwal.

Thanks and Regards,
Hina Khan

Passenger’s Name: Sanjay Bodwani
Date: 27 July 2010.
Hello Sir/Ma'am

Hello Mr Wadia

A very warm good afternoon to you sir!!!!

I myself Sanjay Bodwani from bombay,would like to appreciate the go air group. I was plyed on the g8171 flight on 25th july 2010 from del to bom under the PNR 7jypni.

The landing of the aircraft at bom airport was the superb one and the best seen/felt by me till date,have traveled in all airlines manier times.

The moment aircarft started wobbling due to turbulence coz bad weather and clouds,the pilot flyed the plane into a very smooth manner wher the turbulence was felt v v less and all wer at ease.

Just few mins before landing at bom airport the turbulence was at peak but he tried his best in controling the same and gave plane a v v smooth landing.

Trust me it was a smoothest and best landing ever right from turbulence ( approx 30000 feet high) till the landing.

Go air please keep it up!!!!

Thanks and Regards,
Sanjay Bodwani

Passenger’s Name: Rimal Arora
Date: 25 July 2010.
Hello Sir/Ma'am

This is Rimal Arora . I travelled in GoAir Flight no.G8 372 on July 11th, 2010. I had a very pleasant flight experience thanks to Anees Jafri.

1. When I got into the flight, I had a very hard time trying to put my luggage into the overhead luggage compartment due to arm injury. There was no one around to help but Anees was working in the kitchen area and as soon as u saw me struggling, you left your work and quickly came to help me out!

2. Additionally, my co passenger was an elderly lady who was traveling alone and not understanding English, I personally saw Anees taking care of her asking her again and again what she would like to eat, if she needed some tea etc which in my opinion was very sincere and professional. I have recently returned from United States and being a consultant, I have traveled extensively. I can say for sure that the service provided by Anees and his professionalism was at par with international standards.

3. His outstanding efficiency in dealing with difficult clients with smile need to be really applauded especially when a customer got into verbal argument to have a bottle of water free which is not allowed according to the GoAir regulations. But the way he made him understand without being rude was one of the best customer service I have seen.

4. Lastly, he always had a smile and cheerful persona which was very pleasant.

Thanks and Regards,
Rimal Arora

Passenger’s Name: Mohit
Date: 19 July 2010.
I take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the assistance extended by your staff today at mumbai airport. He is Mohd shoeb emp code 1634. I checked-in a wrong baggage by error, he went all the way retreieved it and took entire botheration without any signs of inconvenience. Keep it up, God bless

Thanks and Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Stanley Peris
Date: 16 July 2010.
To whomsoever this may concern:

Thank you very much for your esteemed services and you guys are doing a wonderful job out there, the kind of services by ground staff, air personnel everybody is phenomenal. I am a frequent flyer and am loving Go Air. Thanks a lot

Thanks and Regards,
Stanley Peris

Passenger’s Name: Velani Alnoor
Date: 16 July 2010.
Further to my mail of 13.7.10, received on 14.7.10 evening our bag misssed out at Kochi airport by us after security check in while travelling Kochi Mumbai (4 passengers) on 12.7.10.

Would like to thank the team at GO Air and the airport authorities at Kochi for ensuring that the important bag is received by us. Please convey our thanks to the Airport authorities at Kochi too if possible.

Special thanks to a lady (apparently name Ms. Monica with whom I was in touch on 13.7.10 on the Mum tel no. 9967720182 ) for receipt of the bag who helped us from Mumbai in co-ordinating and ensuring receipt of the bag.

Just expressing my thanks to Go Air thru some happy thoughts that comes to mind at this moment.

Can really say ;
- Go Air, they really care.......beyond comp'air'.
- Experience of care in air........"GoAir'
- If you want to 'go by air' and get the best experience it 'better' be "GoAir'
- If you want to fly ....fly 'carefree' with 'Go Air' since they 'take care'
- Fly by "Go Air' and you will feel on top of the world....... in the air and on the ground and now I should add considering this experience before the flight, in the flight and after the flight too.
Three of us had also filled your feedback form in the flight and expressed our happiness over our travel with Go Air and it continued even after reaching the ground and after the day of flight.

Kind Regards

Passenger’s Name: Ajay Mehra
Date: 29 June 2010.
This was the first time my family and I travelled by Go Business, the reason for the same not being a preferred choice of airline, but the convenience of the time and availability. It was by chance that we flew by Go business, and it was indeed a real pleasure.
My parents, who are 80yrs of age are very particular about certain things while flying, like leg space; efficiency and warmth of service is another. I am very particular about their comfort and convenience, and am utmost concerned about their overall flying experience. They found this experience to be of an exceptional quality and comparable to the best in the world (they have travelled across the world in various carriers). I would like to congratulate Mr Sumit Bhandari, for his exceptional display of world class customer service, and the entire team of Go Business which works hard to make the journey memorable and an amazingly comfortable experience across the Indian skies at an unheard of price! I bumped into Mr. Bhandari at the check-in counter and expressed my concern, regarding the service expectation and was pleasantly surprised to experience that my fears were absolutely unfound and unnecessary. Keep up the good work, I would surely like to come back again and would recommend the airlines to all my friends! Good luck! . Image

Kind Regards
Ajay Mehra

Passenger’s Name: Maninder Pal
Date: 29 June 2010.
I was travelling in flight number: G8 142 from Chandigarh to Mumbai on 28th June 2010. In flight, the announcements made by Pilot were very much detailed, timely and informative. I really appriciate the experience, and I really enjoyed flying with goair. I found it the Best in my 10 year of flying experience. I would suggest to make these kind of announcements in all of your flights.


Passenger’s Name: Deepak Shinde
Date: 10 June 2010.
Dear Mr. Jeh Wadia,
Normally i travel thru Indigo but yesteday booked thru your airline thought will share my views Strenghth - 1) You have young & vibrant staff 2) Food served in flight is less expensive & value for money 3) Staff / Captain mostly found interacting with passanger Area of improvment - 1) Identify 1st time / 2 nd time flyer 2) Young staff need to handle with maturity hence more training on how to behave or react etc .

Kind Regards
Deepak Shinde

Passenger’s Name: Varghese George
Date: 02 June 2010.

Dear Mehjabeen,

I write to you to express my heartfelt gratitude for the adept and timely response. This exhibits a pro-active and proficient customer service. Thank you once again and i look forward to use the services of Go-Air in the near future.

All the best!
Kind Regards,
Varghese George

Passenger’s Name: Dr. Aarti Saboo
Date: 16 May 2010.
Dear Mr. Wadia ji,
Warm greetings.

This refers to my recent flight-173 GOA to DELHI Dated 10 May 2010, witch was indeed memorably and wonderful by all means. I heartily wish to appreciate Mr. Vaibhav Mathur, In flight manager who was very courteous and extended warm welcome on board and the amicability shown in his attitude to us. I also appreciate his style of attending, escorting and interaction were impressive to make us again on your flights in future. With all this his speaking power of English is super one.

I wish him all the very best and may Good bless him so that he can rise and shine. PL Z convey my massage to him positively.

With best wishes and regards.
Dr. Aarti Saboo

Passenger’s Name: Kashmir Dhanowa
Date: 08 May 2010.
Dear Mehjabeen, We had opportunity to travel From Delhi-Goa-Mumbai-Chandigarh in February 2010. All we are very much impressed with the planes, cleanliness, service inside airplane and at the airport. We were given coupons for the coffee at Mumbai Airport. The flights were very smooth. We wish you best of luck in your high class service airline.

With best wishes and regards.
Kashmir Dhanowa and friends

Passenger’s Name: Harshit Shah
Date: 29 April 2010.
Dear Ms. Shilwant,

I would like to express my deepest thanks to you and all others at GoAir for providing an excellent after sales customer support, which in my personnel views does not exist in a very good manner regardless the industry or product across India.

Thank you very much for considering my urgency as yours and reverting back to me very promptly. I am quite satisfied with your response and hope you continue doing such an outstanding work in the future as well.

I wish you and all the team members a huge success and great work satisfaction ahead;

Harshit Shah

Passenger’s Name: Girdhari Lal
Date: 28 April 2010.
Dear Sir,

This is Squadron Leader(Retd.) G Lal, an ex-ATC officer with Indian Air Force and presently employed with Reserve Bank of India at Mumbai. My Father in law(Sh. Harbans lal) along with my wife(Sunakshi Chalotra) and two infants travelled from Jammu to Mumbai by go air on 20th of April. It was a fantastic experience as your staff has been outstanding in their services and ensuring customer comfort. We were a little apprehensive as we were travelling with two infants, but I wish to put it on record that Mr. Ravi at the Jammu Airport has shown a lot of initiative and a keen sense of professionalism. His interaction with the passengers, and ‘ready to help’ attitude ensured a very comfortable and ‘fun to travel’ journey for my family.

Thousand cheers to the GO AIR.

Kind Regards,
G Lal

Passenger’s Name: Gopal
Date: 21 April 2010.
Dear Ms Prama,

I am extremely happy that you have made my day.

I will now hold Goair as the most customer friendly airline.

I hope that there was slight misunderstanding from my end and the fault was more from the agent's side.

Prama I wish you all the very best in life. You are one of the friendliest persons I have come across.

Always make your customers happy like you made me.

Kind Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Gorekh Satpathy
Date: 21 April 2010.
Dear Ms Prama,

I am extremely grateful to you, Mr Himanshu and team involved. This is indeed a very special gesture by GoAir. You can't imagine the amount of goodwill it has earned!!.

I would be absolutely vigilant while booking online hence forth. Needless to mention that GoAir will always be on top of mind! .

Nice to be associated with your airline. Have a great time. .

Kind Regards,
Gorekh Satpathy

Passenger’s Name: Balaji Vittal
Date: 14 April 2010.
Dear Ms.Richa,

This is to place on record my appreciation for Ms.Divya in your Refund department for the exemplary customer service she rendered to me.

I travel to Mumbai from Delhi on short 2 day assignments about once a month. On 12th April my meeting with a few people got delayed and I requested Divya to permit me for a late check in for the flight at 21.50. She promptly made the arrangements. Thanks to Divya my check in was very smooth.

Please pass on my thanks to Divya.

Kind Regards,
Balaji Vittal

Passenger’s Name: Zulekha Bukhari
Date: 29 March 2010.
Dear sir,

It's my priviledge to inform you that your Duty officer Mr Stanne Fernandes has provided my son Master Noman Bukhari an excellent service while travelling. He was travelling alone from Goa to Mumbai on 15th March 2010 by PNR no 3361Q1. I requested Mr Stanne to assist my son who is a Minor and travelling alone for the first time by air.

In fact my son who was quite nervous about travelling alone, felt very comfortable after being assisted by your Duty officer Mr Stanne Fernandes. I too was very nervous about my son's travelling alone but after the assurance given to me by your Duty officer I was totally convinced and satisfied with the service provided by your Duty officer (I am very pleased to say that next time my travel will always be Go air (airlines) ).

Indeed I must say that your company do really have an efficient and helpful staff.

Kind Regards,
Zulekha Bukhari (Noman's mother)

Passenger’s Name: Rajesh
Date: 20 March 2010.
Complaints : In-Flight


Kind Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Sneha Bhandare
Date: 06 March 2010.
Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice exteme efficiency and helpfulness of your manager at Dabolim, Mr Ashok Maurya.

I had travelled to Delhi in Oct and had booked my daughter Del to Goa by Flt G8 173 on 7th Oct PNR 1E73E3. My daughter is 12 years old and this was the first time she was travelling alone. I called up Mr Maurya and informed him and asked him to help.

He immidiately called up his Delhi operations and before we left for Delhi he gave me the name and numbers of the contact persons in Delhi.

Not only that...on the date of travel he was constantly in touch with me in Delhi when I went to drop my daughter to the airport.

This I feel is Acting Beyond the call of Duty.

I so encouraged that for the return jouney I again booked my daughter(travelling unaccompanied) by Goair by G8 173 on 10th Jan PNR 9I1TVK.

Even this time I felt confident only because Mr Maurya took extreme caution and till the flight reached, he was in touch with me over phone.

I must congratulate you on having such wonderful staff and believe me today my first choice of travel is GOAIR.

You can check yr records how many bookings I have made in the past 6 months.

Kudos and Well Done

Kind Regards,
Sneha Raj Bhandare

Passenger’s Name: Sneha Bhandare
Date: 06 March 2010.
Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice exteme efficiency and helpfulness of your manager at Dabolim, Mr Ashok Maurya.

I had travelled to Delhi in Oct and had booked my daughter Del to Goa by Flt G8 173 on 7th Oct PNR 1E73E3. My daughter is 12 years old and this was the first time she was travelling alone. I called up Mr Maurya and informed him and asked him to help.

He immidiately called up his Delhi operations and before we left for Delhi he gave me the name and numbers of the contact persons in Delhi.

Not only that...on the date of travel he was constantly in touch with me in Delhi when I went to drop my daughter to the airport.

This I feel is Acting Beyond the call of Duty.

I so encouraged that for the return jouney I again booked my daughter(travelling unaccompanied) by Goair by G8 173 on 10th Jan PNR 9I1TVK.

Even this time I felt confident only because Mr Maurya took extreme caution and till the flight reached, he was in touch with me over phone.

I must congratulate you on having such wonderful staff and believe me today my first choice of travel is GOAIR.

You can check yr records how many bookings I have made in the past 6 months.

Kudos and Well Done

Kind Regards,
Sneha Raj Bhandare

Passenger’s Name: Asim Raza Khan
Date: 05 March 2010.
Dear Prama,

I would like to show my gratitude as you were of great help in retrieving my lost "Rayban" sunglasses. I would also like to thank GoAir Airlines and Security staff at Mumbai airport. I hope all airlines will take note of this and deal with people committing such crime stringently.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,
Asim Raza Khan

Passenger’s Name: Vinayak Purohit
Date: 02 March 2010.
Dear Customer Care Cell,

I, the undersigned was returning to Mumbai from Goa by GoAir 106 on Saturday 27th Feb. 2010.

At the time of takeoff, I realized that I had inadvertently left my laptop at the security counter in Goa. While there was little that could be done on flight, the GoAir ground staff at Mumbai airport was more than helpful.

With their prompt action and initiative, I was assured that my laptop was with the security and that I would receive the same by the next evening, which I did, as promised.

I was delighted to receive excellent service from your team, especially Ms. Monica, Ms. Suchita Sonawane and their colleagues. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to the GoAir team.

Thank you,
Vinayak Purohit

Passenger’s Name: Kumar Kunal Kamal
Date: 02 March 2010.
Dear Sir,

I just wanted to express my respect for one of your employees Sri Ram Kishan (Employee No. 1946; Security Executive, Delhi Airport), who not only called me on his own to let me know that I had left my wallet (containing Rs 4000 in cash, a Visa Card, and my identity card) in Go Air Flight (G8 224, 28 Feb, Indore to Delhi), but also gave it to me while I waited outside the Airport in a Taxi. Moreover, he refused to take any gift from me in return of his kind gesture.

Employees like Sri Ram Kishan, are a gem to any organization, and I congratulate you for having such employees in your organization. I request you to kindly express my well wishes to Sri Ram Kishan.

Kind Regards,
Kumar Kunal Kamal

Passenger’s Name: Jagpat Lodha
Date: 10 February 2010.
Compliments : In-Flight,

I think Go AIr indeed is the most loved and the best low fare air carrier in India. It delivers time and again and does have the most well behaved and caring staff. They are very polite and well trained. Also, the flights are always on time and the crew is also very friendly. I enjoy every time I fly on Go Air and every time I book my flight I hope I get the best fare on Go Air!! Thanks for it and keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
Jagpat Lodha

Passenger’s Name: Urvashi
Date: 02 February 2010
Dear Prama,

it has been a pleasure dealing with you. The kind of consideration an service rendered is remarkable. Pls help me with any ref I could quote to makemytrip in order to quote them the credit issued. Thanks! All the best


Passenger’s Name: Sandeep (Minnie) Riat
Date: 01st February 2010.
Compliments : In-Flight

I recently, with my two sisters, took return goair flight from Delhi to Goa. I am a frequent air traveller and my experience of all the airlines have been so upsetting that thought of travelling by air would take all the energy out of me. My distress have taken me to a point that i would, due to the fear, cancel my business trips to various destinations. Go Air, has completely altered my thoughts and experience of flying. It was an absolute pleasure to be travelling in your airline. What has particularly amazed me is the punctuality of departure and arrival. I assure you of my continued association with your airline and hope that your services remain same.

Kind Regards,
Minnie Riat

Passenger’s Name: TPS Wadhwa
Date: 24th January 2010.
Dear Prama,

Thanks a lot for the efforts you have put in for incorporating the changes, without which I had no option but to take trouble of cacellation/rebooking. I assure you I'll be extra cautious next time while on net.
This gesture has strengthened my faith in GOAIR and very well appreciated.
May god bless you & I wish you & your fanily members Merry Christmas and grand year 2010

TPS Wadhwa

Passenger’s Name: Irshad
Date: 21st January 2010.
Dear Prama,

Thanks a ton for this very nice gesture and I sincerely appreciate your and your company's understanding in regards to this. I am happy and assure you that I will keep travelling the go air in the future as I had been in the past.

With warm regards,

Passenger’s Name: Anupam Bhargava
Date: 21st January 2010.
Compliments : In-Flight

i traveled from mumbai to delhi yesterday by 2150 flight which departed at 23.30.No issues with it.I want to thank the crew on the flight and Cpt Vivek Sharma ,who used all his skill,experience and techniques to safely land at Delhi at 0200Hrsamidst dense fog.I am impressed by the confidence of him that too when i saw 4 flights getting canceled sitting at airport.I am a Dentist and had to do 2 important surgery in the morning.My brother had an emergency important meeting in the morning at 9.00. Thank you for making it possible,i am sure all 180 odd passengers were having some or the other important works ,personal or professional and they all must have met it. Thank you again and especially to Cpt. Vivek Sharma.

Kind Regards,
Anupam Bhargava

Passenger’s Name: Aparna Gaikwad-Rao
Date: 14th January 2010.
Dear Mehjabeen

It was a pleasure travelling with Go Air , & I am really impressed with the kind of services provided by you .
I never expected such quick revert from you , that too, along with the required details....I had been to Jet Airways ( last year) with the same query , for which I was asked to go personally to their office at Fort & then had to collect the certificate after couple of days.

I really appreciate the efforts put in by you & your team for solving customer queries.

Thanks once again!!!

Kind Regards,
Aparna Gaikwad-Rao

Passenger’s Name: Dr. Dipankar Talukdar
Date: 10th December 2009.
Compliments : In-Flight

on 7th dec. i was on ur goa to mumbai flight at 3.30pm.it was our ist journey in ur flight.and it was quite a nice experience.leg space was good and d meal was comparatively cheap and had variety.only u didnt hav pillow for my infant.oterwise keep d good work.ur service is much better than indigo,spice and jetlite.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Dipankar Talukdar

Passenger’s Name: Ankit Vaghela
Date: 10th November 2009.
Dear Mehjabeen,

Thanks a lot for your co operation. I am very much happy with the services of Go Air.
Your reply is also on time and you people will really fly smart and go ahead in this competitive world.


Warm Regards,
Ankit Vaghela

Passenger’s Name: Umesh Malhotrauk
Date: 04th November 2009.
Thanks for ur prompt response. I am happy to note your concern. This was our first ever flight on Go Air and we have had a very pleasant experience especially the cleanliness of the aircraft and the promptness of the ground staff. I shall refer to all my friends for using Go Air more and more.

Kind Regards,
Umesh Malhotra

Passenger’s Name: Sairam
Date: 08th November 2009.
Compliments : Airport Service,

I travled from Delhi to Blore on 5th night Seat 28F. I lost my wallet in the flight. Due to the alertness of the Security officer Mr. Karthik, I got my wallet back. I am indebted to all the staff of GO AIR for this kind gesture and compliment them on their honest services. Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Glenice Serrao
Date: 07th November 2009
Dear sir/madam,
I have received the original by courier...
I would like to thank you for the same.. I really appreciate the prompt action taken by you...
Pls fwd this mail to your higher ups as I am really impressed by the efficient service... and the next time i fly.. it wil be GO AIR...
Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Bharat Doke
Date: 30th October 2009.
Dear Pradnya

Thanks for sending me the E-tickets. This really shows you & your organization takes care of customers not only during booking & travel but also caring after travel. Thanks again for your service.

Kind Regards,
Bharat Doke

Passenger’s Name: Hemdutt Joglekar
Date: 30th October 2009.
Compliments : In-Flight

I flew Go-air business for the first time and was by far the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. I wish Go-Air and its set of operators and ground staff all the very best in their future endeavours. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,
Bharat Doke

Passenger’s Name: Hemdutt Joglekar
Date: 30th October 2009.
Compliments : In-Flight

I flew Go-air business for the first time and was by far the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. I wish Go-Air and its set of operators and ground staff all the very best in their future endeavours. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,
Hemdutt Joglekar

Passenger’s Name: Lazarus Rodrigues
Date: 26th October 2009.
Dear Colleen

Good service by GO Air, passenger arrived at Mumbai and was very well,

Keep up always


Kind Regards
Lazarus Rodrigues
Asst. Manager - Air Export

Passenger’s Name: Hitesh Joshi
Date: 24th October 2009.
Dear Go Air Team

We wish you to thank you for your hospitality.

My son Mast. Bhavya H Joshi travelled from Jaipur to Mumbai & Back, (Alone). And we found out that he was very happy travelling by GoAir flight .

And was very happy with the service/help/hospitality received from the crew members.

Once again Thank you , The entire Team.

Good Licu

Kind Regards
Hitesh Joshi

Passenger’s Name: Romil
Date: 04th October 2009
Compliments : Airport Service

i feel very proud to travel with you. your ground service in flight is all well. keep it up

Kind Regards

Passenger’s Name: James Franks
Date: 14th September 2009.
Dear Sir,

Last week I had the pleasure of being in India on business. As part of my return journey to Israel I had a scheduled flight from Bagdogra airport with Jet Airways which was cancelled due to their industrial dispute.

My travel agent in Israel rescheduled my return with Indian Airways flying from Bagdogra to Guwahati and then to Mumbai with a very short connection time. When it became clear that the Indian Airways flight was going to leave Bagdogra late I started to panic. It was at this stage of events that I met Mr. Rajiv Chhetri (I hope I have his name correct) who provided me with information about the GoAir flight to Guwahati and then assisted me in purchasing a ticket. Mr. Chhetri was polite and efficient and is a credit to your customer service team.

Due to Mr. Chhetri's efforts I made my connection from Guwahati to Mumbai and made it home for the weekend.

I shall be returning to India shortly and will be sure to fly GoAir.

Kind Regards
James Franks

Passenger’s Name: Vinay Gandecha
Date: 03rd September 2009.
Dear Madam/ Sir,

We visited Jammu from Mumbai dt 27/8/09, we were informed by our agent that return tickets are on 29/8. On checking at Jammu we got that our booking was not done at all n it was too upsetting.

I sincerely want to thank staff in particular Mr.Ravi at Jammu for the promptness they showed in making us comfortable, offering n serving coffee n making arrangments for the tickets though I could see them being busy wit so many other schedules.

I also wish to thank Airline for giving this kind of motivation n training to staff to give these kind of extra ordinary services. Over all if was a great travel.

Thanks to all for everything.

Long live Go Air......

Love n Regards,
Datta Sidam

Vinay Gandecha.

Passenger’s Name: Mrs. Madhu Khanna
Date: 27th August 2009.
Dear Madam/ Sir,


Thanks & Regards,
Mrs. Madhu Khanna

Passenger’s Name: C M Sharma
Date: 24th August 2009.
Dear Madam/ Sir,

For the timings ex- Mumbai / Chandigarh, I have always preferred GoAir flights to / from Chandigarh.

After my recent feedback over the experience in rescheduling the flight through Call Centre, it has been a pleasant experience to interact with GoAir Executives.

The swiftness of response is praiseworthy.

In rescheduling the flight, I found exemplary and commendable speed and qualitative response. Compared to previous times in using GoAir services, I also experienced convincingly laudable change in proactive approach.

I am confident that with this upbeat approach of all the GoAir executives, it would enable GoAir fly larger skies in coming months and set higher performance standards for other Airlines.

To the great effort in keeping the GoAir FLYING and their qualitative performance, I wish all the success. Please convey my appreciation to the concerned team for their sensitive approach.

Thanks. Best Wishes and Warm Regards,
C M Sharma, I.R.S. (C&CE) (Retd),
For Profitable Tax Compliance Practices - Helping Qualitatively.
Efficiency First - Integrity Pays

Passenger’s Name: Rajaneesh Dasgupta
Date: 22nd August 2009
Dear Gautam,

I along with my wife, Ms. Manisha Jhunjhunwala have used your airlines service on the following days and sectors :

1. 29th. July : Mumbai ? Delhi G8 172 (Seat No : 1 E & D) 2. 1st. August : Delhi ? Mumbai G8 (Seat No. 1 E & D)

We would like to really appreciate one person, Mr. Rohit Ahire, In-flight Manager (G8 172). As we are frequent international as well as domestic traveler, I have experienced the best as well as worst of services.

But I can tell you that by far the best services that I have received was by Rohit. I would compare his services at par with any international standard. He is so courteous, humble and polite, that I believe he can be set as a benchmark for all crews across the airlines in India. Rohit's service timings are so perfect that he delivers before the customers contemplates. That's what we call creating a wow factor.

It is because of Rohit that Go Air has become our preferred airlines (though I am Kingfisher Kings Club Member) in India. So we again flew today by G8 172 (Seats : 1 A & C) from Mumbai to Delhi.

When we were at the airport, we were hoping that it would be nice if Rohit is around and to our surprise Rohit was the In-flight Manager of today's flight.

Rohit, it is always a pleasure to fly with you. An exemplary, warm and impeccable service truly made our flight extremely wonderful.

Gautam : Rohit is an asset to your organisation and please set him as a benchmark for all your other employees bring them up to his standard.

I would be happy if you could acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

Rajaneesh Dasgupta
Consulting Partner

Passenger’s Name: Pratap Nair
Date: 18th August 2009.
I am really touched by the way my comments were appreciated. Tks a lot for understanding the very purpose of my effort. U r on the right track and I wish u all the very best. Hv been a platinum card member of jet airways for several years and , if u permit me, I would like to share this communication with them. For a service oriented organisation, being sensitive to customr is very very important and u get full marks for this.

Best Regards
Pratap Nair

Passenger’s Name: Kusang Bhutia
Date: 16th August 2009.
Dear Go Air,

I Milan Tamang and my sister Shisham were very impressed by Mr. Rajeev Chettri(C.S.E.) Go-Air(we flied on the 14th of august,bagdogra to delhi).We were treated with great respect and courteous manner by him.It appeared to us that he is honest and hardworking and he tries his best to deliver the best service to go air customers.

Since we have never flown by go air we were very satisfied with our first trip so we wish to fly with go air from now.All the best.

Thanks and Regards
Kusang Bhutia

Passenger’s Name: Balvinder Kaur
Date: 10th August 2009.
Dear Sir !

It is my absolute pleasure to write this mail to you, appreciating your excellent services, which were provided to me when I travelled to Delhi via flight, the details of which are attached herewith. I narrate below the incident of 25th April, 2009. As I was travelling by flight for the first time, I was very nervous and scared, since airlines do not allow the accompanying person to come inside the airport due to security reasons. My husband dropped me at the airport and went back. I proceeded towards the check in counter in confused state how to go about it. I asked couple of passengers and then just thought it is not right on my part to reveal to unknown people that I am travelling for the first time by flight and am scared. In a minute I just saw one Lady Executive in - charge of the GO-AIR Airlines, instructing the staff members for the flight schedules and proceeded towards her. I requested the Executive that since I am travelling by air for the first time, I need her help, support and guidance in this regard. I am sorry that since I was in tension, I forgot to ask name of this Executive. The Executive was really very helpful and courteous to me and she instructed one of the staff members to be with me till the plane takes off. This girl also helped me carrying my bag, helping me to obtain the check-in slips, security checks and other related activity and requested me to wait at the airport and be comfortable and she will let me know when the air craft arrives. Then she asked one of the crew staff members to take me in the shuttle bus to the runway. This boy also was very good and helpful and escorted me to the plane and introduced me to the air hostess. In the plane also these girl made me sit quite near to them, so that they can help me, if required. I had a very good flight and enjoyable journey throughout. Sir ! with above gesture of the airlines staff, I really felt like at home and was very comfortable that I am in safe hands and they really pampered me like a small baby. I was truly impressed by the hospitality of the crew members. I wish GO AIR Airlines ALL THE VERY BEST FOR FUTURE TIMES.

I remain Yours sincerely
thanks and regards
Mrs. Balvinder Kaur

Passenger’s Name: Samir Mehta
Date: 28th July 2009.
Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Himanshu chavan from your customer service dept. He was very helpful in sorting out a booking error made by a travel agent's website. I was on calls with different parties to sort this out for almost 2 hours and had almost given up and was ready to cancel the tkt. Then i called the Headoffice number and got connected to Himanshu Chavan. he understood my problem and promised me that he will call back and try his level best to sort this out for me. Within 15mins i got a call from him and he took my email address and sent me a the amended tkt as well.....Kudos to this guys....he saved me a lot of trouble and money....I think he should be a benchmark for you to recruit people in customer Service....Thanks again Himanshu..

Best Regards,
Samir Mehta

Passenger’s Name: Vijay Kumar Jha
Date: 22th July 2009.
Dear Team,

Congratulations you be voted the Best Airlines as per survey conducted in Delhi.I totally agree with the verdict as during my frequent visits to Delhi in the month of December & January, Go Air was the only airline. I could trust during the Fog Hit weather. Keep the good work going.

Best Regards,
Vijay Jha

Passenger’s Name: Satinder Pal Singh
Date: 15th July 2009.
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks a ton for your timely help and alternative arrangements made by goair. This shows that your airline is customer friendly and concerned for the passengers. I would appriciate your customer services and immediate response.Looking forward to be on board and wish to have long relationship with your airlines in future.

Best regards,
Satinder Pal Singh

Passenger’s Name: Sachin Gala
Date: 14th July 2009.
Hi Prama,

I have received the Credit in my Credit card two days back & wish to thank you for all your assistance.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all involved especially Prama in helping me during this time and would like to say that due to the professional way the matter was handled, I will be traveling on Goair whenever possible in the future.... & would also recommend the same to friends & colleagues.

Thanks n Regards
Sachin Gala

Passenger’s Name: Sudeep Agrawal
Date: 29th June 2009.
HI! Go Air

I have received the confirmation now and would like to thank management for the kind consideration. I would specially like to thank Mr. Sharad Kamle for the continuous support and for keeping me informed about the status and helped me in all the booking. I am also thankful to Miss Prama Chandan for prompt and positive response. This is the team work that makes the Go Air ahead from all the airlines.

Keep up the good job !!!!

Thank you, Regards,
Sudeep Agrawal

Passenger’s Name: P.Suresan
Date: 27th June 2009
I travelled from Kochi to Mumbai on 21.06.2009 in your flight. I am a regular traveller in the Mumbai-Kochi sector and always travel in Jet airways. So I am not familiar with the service provided by other airlines. It was really a pleasant surprise for me on the facilities provided by your airlines in the business class at the cost (which is much less than the cost of of the economy class of Jet airways) of economy class. Hospitality was excellent and I felt the homely even at a flight journey.

I appreciate your services and wishing more successes in this field.

Thank you, Regards,

Passenger’s Name: VINOD MADAAN
Query/Suggestion/Feedback: Feedback: Refund against the voucher.
Details: Date: 16th June 09

Dear Mehajabeen (Pls forgive me If I spelled your name wrong),

It was a pleasure to receive a call from you on June 14th and then the quick and prompt help/support you provided. It was not the money or a credit note but was a service lapse from GOAIR which you corrected and made me realize that some extreme professional people are still on this earth to make it a simpler and better place.


Thank you, Regards,

Passenger’s Name: YASH SINHA
Query/Suggestion/Feedback: Feedback
Details: Date: 4th June 09

I was traveling from Mumbai to N.Delhi (via Jaipur) on June 3 2009 by Go Air. This was the first time i traveled in GoAir and service has delightfully surpassed my expectations. The cabin crew was really very courteous. The flight was on time as the captain had announced we touched down both Jaipur and Delhi right on time (something that i rarely see when i travel with other airlines. The crew uniform was awesome-perhaps the best in Indian Aviation. I would also like to mention about one of the flight attendant named Nazreen. she was awesome in all respects. You have this quiz contest for passengers on board these days, many passengers didn't know how to fill up the crossword puzzle. But she helped all of them without getting irritated but with a graceful smile. I was really not interested in filling up that quiz form. She came to me and politely asked me to participate and I filled the form within minutes to submit it. Even the ground staff was very helpful. They really make our journey easy and enjoyable. Kudos to GoAir! I hope this 'on-the-time' airline becomes the biggest airlines of India. i also hope i win that contest and win a free ticket. i would really like to fly with GoAir! Cheers!

Thank you, Regards,

CAMLIN: Appreciation Letter
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Passenger’s Name: SITAL G AHUJA
Query/Suggestion/Feedback: Feedback Details: Date: 01.04.2009 Go Air Mumbai Sub: Letter of Appreciation

I had an opportunity to fly with you from Amritsar to Delhi, flight # G8/139 on March 29, 2009. I had a connecting Jet flight within 30 minutes from Delhi to Pune. Unfortunately I left my wallet in the back of the seat in front of me. I realized at the departure when I was asked for identification. I called up my Pune office and informed your counter part at Delhi. Security personnel on duty Mr. Manoj Singh had picked it up from the aircraft. After reaching Pune I spoke to him. I appreciate he was very responsive & co-operative. He verified the contents in the wallet and informed me that he will be sending it to Mumbai security in flight # 162 on March 31, 2009 and I could get it collected by sending this authority letter, identification proof and my boarding pass. Copy and original sent herewith. I am really thankful and appreciate Mr. Manoj Singh. Most important were my membership and credit cards. The trouble of blocking / making duplicate cards would be very inconvenient. Due to his efficiency misuse of cards was avoided. I was aware Go Air is responsible only for checked in baggage. Security or co-passenger could misuse and not return the wallet to me. I am sure you and your team will agree such personnel are assets to the company. I am really very grateful to Mr. Manoj Singh.

Thank you, Regards,
Sital Ahuja

Passenger’s Name: Kajal Srinivasan
Name: Kajal Srinivasan
Query/Suggestion/Feedback: Suggestion
Details: Hi. I wanted to write in to xommend one of your employees at Srinigar airport: Javed. We were flying from sxr to mumbai about 3 weeks back, and got badly stuck in gulmarg due to heavy snow, hence we reached the airport late. It was only because of Javeds assistance that we made the flight at all. He went totally out of his way, to the extent of meeting us at the airport gate and hurriedly getting us onto the plane. If you can, please get this message of appreciation across. Its because of employees liek this that we continue to fly goair. thanks!

Passenger’s Name: Stanly M K
Dear Ms. Mehjabeen Arsiwala

I don’t know how to say thanks to you since you made the thing which I thought never it will be. Once again Go Air proved that it will allow the passengers to ‘go comfort’. I was sure that some positive thing will occur in this case (but not full refund) since my intension while booking the ticket for my friend was only to help him who needs to rush to native place due to his father’s seriousness. Once again thanking you.

As I mentioned, I am working in the Administrative Department of BARC, Govt. of India, by holding a reputed post. We are settling all the Travel and other entitlement bills of our employees. I will definitely convey this good news to as many as possible. You may be accepting the fact that the biggest advertisement for any service is the public and not any media. I have long service in my carrier and I am officially entitled to travel by air on tour and LTC. But till now, except in few cases I was traveling in King fisher or Jet. But now I will give first priority to Go Air wherever possible. All the best and try to keep the same positive attitude if the case is genuine

Stanly M K
System Administrator

Passenger’s Name: NRI Jadav Hirji
Dear Sir,

Myself with my wife were passengers on Flgt GB 109 [seat 09 A n B]for Mumbai AIsdabad early morning on 11th Feb 09. i bought some presents on the plane of which a watch meant for giving got dropped on the seat occuped by us. we noticed on proceeding to the city after safe n timely landing.Beacause of short of time thougt fit to forget the event. With Proceeded to Ranavav near Porbandur for our school opening. Shri Rajubhai Samani who booked our tict also reache ther on 12th to join us for the school opening. he was told of the event. GoAir contacted the agent who booked our tickets in Mumbai ascertained by telelephoning Mr Samani of uor whereabouts n arranged by Angadia Service to send the watch via Rajkot to reach us in Ranavav just in time 14th morning the "Valentine Day"the 14th Feb.. I was happy to present it to my wife with the claps of frinds present.

Thanks to 'GO AIR'
God's blessing to all the staff to make an event of an unforgetable
customer service
With best regds,
NRI Jadav hv

Passenger’s Name: Sanjay Pachisia

Dear Ms Mehjabeen With your pleasant personality, and the quality of response from GoAir, am sure in future you will create a benchmark. Rather, i suggest your Airline operation from Kolkata Sector. People like me (who use this sector 5-6times in a month), will surely benefit in as many ways. The steps taken at your end speaks great volumes, and i shall keep myself updated on GoAir news from time to time, by visiting the Airline site. I shall be proud to take your Airline service for my future travels. Frankly speaking, it was a good gesture from GoAir. I shall remember it for a long long time, and I'll definitely use your Airline service whenever I happen to travel in the Airline Sector. Thank you very much for the positive response

Sanjay Pachisia

Passenger’s Name: Rajesh Sharma
Sector: SXR-DEL

I thank you for the mail and the positive action taken by your company towards resolving the issue of multiple booking as well as refund of full fare. It is indeed a very thoughtful gesture towards genuine customer care. I look forward to fly by Go Air.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Rajesh Sharma

Passenger’s Name: Anu Gupta

Sector:BOM-DEL Thank you for the prompt response. Your service has delightfully surpassed my expectations. I really look forward to travel by Go-Air again.

Anu Gupta

Passenger’s Name: Anu Gupta

Dear Mehjabeen,

Appreciate the help extended. I confirm receipt of the e-ticket. I would be travelling a lot between north and western India whenever I am in India and would keep the help extended by Go Air always in my cache memory.


Passenger’s Name:Mrs. Guilhermina Noronha

Sector -GOA-MUM

This is a Thank You Note for the services rendered to Mrs. Guilhermina Noronha –Passenger who travelled on GoAir # 106 GOA-MUM on 14th April on a wheel chair request..

The services provided to the Passenger at the GOA airport and MUMBAI airport was highly commendable. It is highly appreciated. Based on the excellent courtesy and care shown to the passenger, we could also confidently recommend GoAir to our friends/relatives around

Thanks a ton once again for all the help!!!

Best Regards,
Christaline Chettiar
On behalf of Mrs.Guilhermina Noronha

Passenger’s Name:Irfan Amin Najar

With the word to travel with you, I want to inform that I have re booked for the same Arrival-Destination ticket with Go Air. Seeing ya hospitality while conversing with the concerned representative's i.e.hierarchy level for customer feedback/grievances, I was left with no other option than to fly with ya to check the hospitality on board. Well looking for a pleasant and cherish able experience.

Well thanks a lot for the speedy processing and hence forth providing me with a refund.Believe me I really do appreciate how the case was dealt with by Mr. Heemanshu (Sorry if misspelt)

And I think that was the last escalation level i could approach to, but finally it worked and I'm happy for that. I had been trying each an every possible level I could go for and make them aware of the situation. But either the people associated i.e. Booking agent misled me and gave me a blunt response saying it had been a 'No Show', so won't be refunded/rescheduled. Next the call center representatives, as I could understand were completely helpless coz they couldn't do much else then to read whatever was on the database. Mere Rs 350 refund. I guess they provided. Finally it was the Mumbai Head office I called to, Mr. Hemanshu I spoke with who definitely could help and he did. He just heard to me patiently as if it was just me who mattered at the end provided the refund within just 10 mins of conversation. Commendable, really doest is speak of Customer Satisfaction

Thanks once again.
Irfan Amin Najar

Passenger’s Name:Dr. Amar

I appreciate the special gesture shown by you.
Your response to the customer concerns indicates that you are well suited as a Customer Service Executive. Such gestures prevent you losing customers and make them promote your services to other customers.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Amar

Passenger’s Name:Jethanand J. Gangwani

I am highly obliged to see the response given to my complaint.
It now renews my belief in Go Airlines and hope to have longer relations.

Thanks a lot.
Jethanand J. Gangwani

Passenger’s Name: Nilesh Jain.

Thank you for your quick response. I did not expect such a quick response from you for the reason that Indian companies are generally insensitive to customer woes, but than there are also exceptions & trendsetters

I have one more request if you can help me. Since I don’t own a credit card, & since I also require to travel to Hyderabad within a next few days, can this amount be adjusted against a new round trip ticket to Hyderabad. If this is possible, how do I go about for this

I appreciate your customer sensitiveness & your service in the flight also is very good. This incident also gives me reasons to recommend your service to my friends who have been fed up of other customer insensitive airlines.

Thanking You,
Nilesh Jain.

Passenger’s Name: Kalpana

Thank you so much for the kind gesture I really appreciate the services provided by you, you will not believe but I would like to tell you that I have informed my friends and colleagues to travel through ur airlines and they have booked the tickets for 22nd February with GO AIR. I heartily pray to God for the progress of GO AIR in future.

Thanks & Regards,

Passenger’s Name: Rohinton

At the onset let me profusely thank u for the prompt service which meets my requirement 110%... the info provided by you is perfect to say the least. I am very pleased at the way my query was handled & response generated in less than 6 working hours, for a request placed at 10 pm on the previous night... I have no further ways to describe my satisfaction

I am fine, incase you wish to use my above mail as a testimony statement in whichever way deemed fit by you.

Thanx sincerely
A Very Satisfied Customer,
Vice President - Global Payments & Cash Management

Hriday Solanki: Appreciation Letter

Dear Sir,
Re: Token of appreciation

First of all, I would take this opportunity to congratulate you on the dedication and service standards you have managed to inspire in your team. As a result of which, in these difficult times also, it was a pleasure to experience extraordinary service and resourcefulness from your staff members

On 2nd February 2009, I was trying to get my booking done through your call centre executive through one Mr. Sharad and I want to bring to your attention that it is people like these who will keep your airline a notch above the rest. Additionally, I have also had the pleasure of interacting with one of your head office managers Ms. Coleen ( I hope I have spelt it correctly) for helping me out with my ticketing

So once again kudos to Mr. Sharad and Ms. Coleen and the whole Go Air team, your guys are doing a fab job. Keep it Up!

Warm Regards,
Hriday Solanki

Aanchal Shetty

I would like to appreciate the entire ground staff of GoAir for the help extended to me at Delhi airport. I had a flight (G8-457) from Delhi to Bombay at 17.00 hours. Due to some miscalculation, I got stuck in bad traffic jam by which time the check-in counter would have shut. I tried telechecking but was told that it wasn't possible and that I would have to miss this flight and take the next flight after paying the tax and difference amount, etc. As I rushed to the airport, I was delighted to see the staff ready at the entrance.

They just took my baggage and sent it for screening while somebody else took my ticket and helped me with the boarding pass resulting in me being able to catch my flight. In the hurry, I could not read anybody's name, but I would like to extend a huge. Thanks to all of them and hope that you pass this appreciation to them so that they continue to help passengers in future too.

Regards Aanchal Shetty

Herald Saldhana

The kind courtesy and assistance you had extended to our Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Vivek Nair and our Director, Mr. C K Kutty, on the busiest night of 17 April, which enabled them to take your flight to Mumbai, is highly appreciated.

I am asked by both Mr. Nair and Mr. Kutty to express their sincere thanks and gratitude to both you gentlemen for your timely attention and ease with which you accommodated them despite heavy rush and constraints.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can be of any assistance to you.

With Regards,
Herald Saldhana, Exe. Sec. to Director - Project Dept
The Leela Palaces & Resorts, Mumbai

Anil Dutt Vyas

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am a Platinum member of Jet Airways (JP 119150426). I am extremely happy to say that I travelled for the first time on GoAir flight along with my family on 12 th Feb. from Delhi to Chennai and back on 15 th Feb.

I found the service of GoAir excellent. It was running on time with a very courteous staff. The ambience inside the aircraft was superb and of International Standards.

I wish GoAir a very best future in Indian skies and hope the dream of a common man will be fulfilled with their great service.

Thanking You
With All Regards
Anil Dutt Vyas


Hello There!

This is Hemant and I am one of those lucky people who got the chance to book the early bird fares on GO AIR! Here I got 'SUDIPA' online....Man this Girl Rocks........ I would really like to Appreciate the courtesy and the patience she showed with me...while helping me out....she is one GEM you guys (go air) has hired....I don't know how many of your customers take these things seriously and appreciate the support but I'm really blown away by d her services...... She kept me on hold but didn't let me feel that I’m in third world...she kept tellin me that she's checking on things....She cancelled my tickets and booked new ones for me....

SUDIPA - Many Thnxs and I wish I can hire you for My team (not tryin my poachin techniques here) but she was very kind and helpful.....

I'm lookin forward to my first Exp of Flyin with GoAir....let's C how that goes......

Cheers to SUDIPA........
PS - I'm sorry if I’ve misspell her name but that's what she told me it is...


Ramesh Chander

My name is Ramesh Chander and I want to share my flying experience with GoAir. Let me tell you one thing I never traveled by any airline that was my first experience of travelling by GoAir. I traveled by Go Airlines Flight No G8804 Jammu to Mumbai on 26th of August 06. When I reached Jammu airport I was like a blank person. Not knowing what to do I went to GoAir ticketing counter and told them I have a ticket. The staff showed me the way to the departure hall. I entered the departure terminal then I met another GoAir executive and she helped me with my baggage and showed me the way to the check- in counter. But I was nervous because I was travelling for the first time. When I went to the check-in counter one male staff was sitting there. He greeted me nicely and I showed him my ticket and I told him that this is the first time I am travelling by an airline. His name was Mr Abhishek, I think. He assured me that "Sir you will never forget this experience". He gave me a nice window seat with more leg space and then he called one of his staff who escorted me to security the check. As I was sitting there, after sometime Abhishek came to me again and enquired from me if I need anything. He also enquired whether I identified my baggage or not then again he told his colleague to help me when the boarding starts and you know what, again I met Abhishek who once again enquired whether I was feeling comfortable and he was so soft spoken, smartly dressed and he wished me a pleasant journey and showed me the way. I was amazed to see him again when I was seated. He came up to me and enquired whether I was feeling comfortable. I was amazed with this kind of service, so good and such a personal touch to the passenger like me who was travelling for the first time and the flight was so good on time performance. I want to thank Mr Abhishek and GoAir for such a kind gesture and concern. May God bless Abhishek and keep doing your good job and one more thing is that - GoAir IS THE BEST!

Ramesh Chander

K. N. Varadarajan

Yesterday my aged parents (Father 86 years and mother 79 years) were travelling from Mumbai to Chennai by GoAir (Shri K Narasimhachari and Smt Perundevi Narasimhachari). I went to the airport to see them off. Since my father needed a wheelchair and my mother (who cannot speak / understand Hindi) needed assistance for taking the luggage inside, getting them screened and obtaining boarding pass.

I approached the counter of GoAir and the staff on duty was too glad to assist. A wheelchair was arranged immediately and another helper boy assisted my mother in taking the luggage inside, screened and boarding passes were obtained. The guys of GoAir took them inside, ensured that they were comfortable till the time they boarded the aircraft.

On landing at Chennai, they were requested to stay till the other passengers left. The cabin crew assisted my father to go to the toilet and a wheelchair was arranged for him and my mother was also escorted out of the aircraft. The ground staff also helped them to collect the luggage and they were escorted out and were entrusted to my niece who had come to the airport to receive them

Subsequently when I spoke to my parents, they were extremely happy with the services rendered by GoAir (which I was able to realise from their voice and tone) and have requested me to book them only by GoAir for all their future travel.

sincerely thank all the staff involved and place on record my sincere appreciation for the excellent customer service rendered. Keep up the good work.

Senior Vice President-Corporate Banking Operations

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Renu K Ramchandani

Let me thank you for the great assistance given to me while travelling by your flights on 16th & 23rd July 2006. I am a handicapped woman, therefore, seen such a kind behaviour of all your staff is to be praised. I went to Europe on 31st of May and returned on 9th June 2006 by Air India. No such help was given to me while going, but on return in Paris, only the Indian staff member did help me there and here in India. But the kind and excellent behaviour given to me by GoAir will never be forgotten. My humble regards and highest regards for GoAir Management and all the concerned staff members. Let me assure you that as and when I plan to travel, I shall see that I go by GoAir.

Thank you,
My best regards for the management

Renu K Ramchandani

A. Karthikeyan

The experience in your flight is very fine. It is comparable to International Standards. Time accuracy is good. Please keep it in order to grow

A. Karthikeyan - Customer

Sunil Dua - V. P. MadhSagar Products

I would like to mention my experience with GoAir last night was wonderful. First the flight was on time, secondly the staff was courteous and very well dressed the service was good and Capt. Sanjay did a nice landing at Mumbai Airport which was smooth.

Sunil Dua - V.P. MadhSagar Products

A.P. Kale

Many thanks for your letter dated 08.08.06, offering me complimentary return tickets on any GoAir Flights.

I intend to take my wife (senior citizen also) with me, of course at my cost and will fix up my program shortly.

I will accordingly let you know. Once again thanking you, for the fine gesture of your organisation.

Yours Faithfully,
A.P. Kale

Greg Chappell: Coach Indian cricket team

Dear Jeh,

On behalf of the Indian Cricket team and support staff I would like to thank you and your fantastic crew for all the professionalism and courtesy that was shown to us during the recent series with England.

We look forward to the opportunity of flying with your airline in the future.

Kind regards,
Greg Chappell - Coach Indian cricket team

John Gloster: Indian Cricket Team Physio.

Hi there Jeh just a short note to say thank you for providing the opportunity to fly with Go on our recent tour around India for the cricket

I was very impressed with all aspects of the service, especially your staff and it is here I believe that Go are set apart. You can be very proud of all the crew who were with us. Stylish but sophisticated, friendly but professional.

Capt. Peter Sevensma and Tisha J. were outstanding and the flying comfort was secondary to none I've experienced so far in 15 months flying in India.

I am surely hoping we get to avail your services next time we charter in India.

Phil Neale: England team’s coordinator and a former player of Worcestershire.

Dear Sunil,

Thanks for all your help during the Charter for the ODI Series. GoAir did an excellent job and it was a pleasure to work with you. Please pass on my thanks to all your colleagues.

With Regards
Phil Neale
England Team Co-ordiantor

Ajay Shrotri : Unit Financial Controller

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

We were group of nine people travelling by Go Air Flight G8152 dated 11-May-06 at 07-30 a.m. After reaching Delhi Airport we realised that one of our baggage’s was taken wrongly by some other passenger and we were held up as all our tour plan, vouchers & our return tickets were in that baggage.

Your representative Mr. Azad Sharma at Delhi really went out of the way and helped us in finding out the passenger who by mistake took our baggage and came with us up to Karol Baug to get our baggage back from the customer. He kept on assuring me and my family that it is remotely possible bag being stolen. He repeatedly told us that it might have been taken by some other guest by mistake and the same thing had happened. We were delayed by about 2 hours because and we had to change the route for going to Shimla but it was beyond his control.

Please recognise Mr. Azad Sharma. Employee like him is must and we being from Hospitality industry we can understand how such employees are an asset to the company.

Thanks once again for the Go Air Team.

With Regards
Ajay Shrotri
Unit Financial Controller

Prashant Govindan: General Manager - Architectural Audio (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

This mail is to express my sincere appreciation for the services extended to me by Mr. Sagar. I am especially thankful for the kind understanding. My colleague and I were to travel from Delhi to Mumbai yesterday. Unfortunately, he could not make the flight due to a medical emergency. Sagar rescheduled his booking for tonight so that it was convenient for him to get immediate medical attention and then fly out tonight.

I would happily recommend Sagar for his customer orientation and look forward to interacting with him again.

Best Regards,
Prashant Govindan
General Manager
Architectural Audio (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Somnath Mukherjee: ( General Manager - Finance ) Denison Hydraulics India Limited

Dear All,

I was the passenger (Somnath Mukherjee).

I had to bring back my son Rajarshi Mukherjee (17) from Chennai to Hyderabad - where I live.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to your folks at the Chennai Airport (Irfan to be precise - if I have correctly registered his name) & the guy in rim-less spectacles at the check - in counter this morning at 8-15 AM at Chennai Airport. In fact: all were very nice.

My son underwent an Appendectomy on May 19 , 2006 & was released this morning from The National Hospital , Beach Road , Harbour , Chennai ; only to get into the arms of "GO AIR" .

Every thing was taken care of by your guys at Chennai: Checking - in per se / arranging a wheelchair for my son & Boarding the craft.

Their co-ordination with your Hyderabad guys beats international standards.

The craft was about 50 % full. I think there were 91 on board - vis-à-vis: a 180-seater Airbus 320.

I pray that your Airline does well & may God bless you all. Best regards,
Somnath Mukherjee : General Manager - Finance

K S Radhakrishnan: GOAir - Experience the difference.

To Managing Director
GO Air

Respected Sir

So far I have traveled by GO Air in Hyd-Che-Del-Che route 5 times. In all the trips the flight was operated on time.

I appreciate the excellent service provided by the young fleet your ground and flight staff of GO Airlines.

The experience I had is a real heavenly feeling. I suggest you to provide In-flight reading magazine.

Thanks and Regards
K S Radhakrishnan
A Satisfied Traveller!!! - Hyderabad.

Derek Bradshaw: GO AIR IS AMAZING !!!

Dear Mr Wadia,

I recently traveled on your airline from Jaipur to Mumbai. To be honest I didn't really know what to expect from an Indian low fare carrier but I have to say that I had a wonderful flight. The cabin crew led by Inflight Manager Nancy was amazing

On this flight there were a group of 20 very loud Indian passengers who were making a nuisance of themselves and annoying all the other passengers. Just before takeoff from Jaipur the crew asked these passengers to switch off their cell phones, but they refused. Finally Nancy was called to the rescue and she firmly, but politely insisted that he switch off his phone.

After take off these passengers roamed around the aircraft as if it was their house, constantly pressed the call bells, talked extremely loudly and were generally being very irritating and disturbing everyone on the flight. All of the other passengers were getting angrier by the minute and kept complaining to the crew.

Nancy and her crew were extremely patient and calmly attended to all the passengers. The finesse with which Nancy, Riyanka, Shreta and Arzan handled the situation is truly commendable. They were able to avoid a potentially unpleasant situation. Despite being a heavy load, the crew did not rush through their service either and took time to interact with all the passengers, managing to calm down the very angry ones.

I have been a flight attendant with Delta for around 15 years, and I don’t think that I or any of my colleagues would have been able to handle such a situation without losing our temper. I did make it a point to congratulate Nancy and her crew and remembered their names so I could compliment them.

Thank you Nancy, Riyanka, Arzan and Shreta for a truly wonderful flight and a memorable experience on Go Air!

Mr Wadia, my colleagues and I wish you and Go Air a long and fruitful future.

Thank you
With best wishes,
Derek Bradshaw

James Dillon : GoAir is the Best !!!

Dear Mr Wadia,

I am a travel writer by profession and have contributed articles to various magazines like Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic, Time, etc. Air travel is one of the necessities of my career. I took your email address from one of your Duty Managers because I felt that I had to write and tell you about my experience on your airline.

I have been travelling around India for a few weeks now and have used all the domestic airlines. Yesterday, the 17th May, I flew with Go Air for the very first time from Jaipur to Mumbai. It was, without a doubt, one of the best flights I have experienced in my life and that was mainly due to the wonderful In-flight Manager Nancy and her excellent crew Riyanka, Shreta and Arzan. I have never experienced such warmth and professionalism in my years of travelling. Nancy is a remarkable leader who set the standard for her crew to follow and follow they did. Despite the fact that snacks and beverages are sold on your flights, these 4 crew conducted their service fabulously well and gave individual attention to each and every passenger making all of us feel very comfortable and welcome. This is something I have never seen in any other domestic airline in India.

After the service was over Nancy and her crew made it a point to interact with passengers. Normally once a service is over, the cabin crew run into the galley and disappear from sight. But that was not the case with your crew on yesterday’s flight.

Once I return to the US I am definitely going to suggest to my friends and colleagues to travel by Go Air whenever they are in India. Please convey my best wishes and gratitude to Nancy and her team for a fabulous flight. I look forward to travelling on Go Air in the future

Thank you
Best wishes and Regards
James Dillon
A Satisfied Traveller!!!

Anandasubramanian CP: Solution Architect HSBC (Global Technology), Pune


I wish to congratulate you on the good service and clean neat flights you maintain.The first time I flew 2 months back from Chennai to Pune, I was impressed.

Today I booked your flight for my sister from Pune to Chennai after cancelling the Train.I am booking return flights for next month for my family through your airline.

Your service is pretty good and your website is quick, fast and very user friendly.

Congrats on a good job and keep it up.

Melissa Alexander : London

On April 3rd, 2006, my friends and I traveled on your inaugural flight G8133 at 16:55 from Chennai to Delhi.

While in Chennai, I was impressed by the courteous and friendly nature of your staff. One of the senior ground staff, even arranged for some of the females to help me wrap my sari!

On arrival in Delhi, while in the baggage hall, I realised I left my purse onboard. My purse contained my travel documents, my credit cards, travellers’ cheques and about GBP100.00 in cash.

Instantly I panicked. My friends and I all work at Heathrow Airport in London, and see many instances of lost property. In some cases that property is never recovered.

As the aircraft was parked on a remote stand, we were brought to the terminal by bus, and there was no way for me to make my way back to the aircraft.

I immediately notified Go Air ground staff Sumit Bhandari who was helping passengers in the baggage area. He very kindly agreed to make his way back to the aircraft. He was truly a blessing. However, after waiting about 45 minutes, Mr Bhandari had still not returned. I admit, that I thought he didn’t bother and had head home.

When he returned, he was breathing heavily and sweating. He actually walked to the aircraft and back! My purse was intact, all contents remaining. The feeling of relief was unexplainable. I offered him some money, to which he blatantly refused. What excellent Customer Service!

I just wanted to say thank you to Go Air and to Sumit Bhandari. Too often, people complain about only the bad. To you all I want to say keep up the good work, and thank you.

Jimmy K Subawalla:

This is to inform you I was a passenger on your GoAir flight between Delhi to Mumbai on 25th April 2006 and return on the GoAir flight on 25th night.

On the both the occasions I was pleasantly surprised at the on time performance of your airline.

Keep it up and hope to use GoAir more frequently in the near future.

Manmohan Chawla: Dy, General Manager - Engineering, Air India Ltd.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My cousin Anand Chawla and his wife Rita Chawla were booked to travel on your flight G8154 from BOM to DEL on 23rd April, 2006 under PNR 00122G and ticket nos. 1000412621/22.

On reaching the Airport we were dismayed to know the subject flt. departs at 1805 hrs only on Sundays and not at the usual time of 2020 hrs. I approached your DM and admitted that my cousin had not checked the timings and hence missed his flight.

So what do we do now

Your DM (Sorry, I forget his name) after considering us allowed my cousin' and wife to travel the next day on the same flt. on S/A Basis.

I came early to the airport on 24th, contacted Mr Siddhant, the DM on duty on 24th, who blocked two seats immediately (we were lucky the flight was light!). As soon as the "truant couple" came, your staff, who, I must say, were not only thorough professionals but the epitome of courtesy as well, checked them in.....and the couple was on their way home!

Truly, I am impressed by the "Special Handling" each passenger gets.

Thanks, and all the best, GO AIR!!

Manmohan Chawla,
Dy, General Manager - Engineering,
Air India Ltd.

John Kingsly M :

Hi Go Air,

One of my childhood dreams was to travel by air. I knew that I will never be able to forget the day I board a plane and take off in the sky.

This dream of mine took shape as I decided to fly from Hyderabad to Chennai by G8126 on the 13th of April 2006. I chose “GO” over the other airlines coz the timing was convenient and had read a lot about it. From the time I approached the GO AIR counter I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the ground staff. I was wondering if the flight would take off on time or it would be late like the usual Indian way. But I was surprised as I heard the announcement asking the passengers to board the flight. It was great to see the ground staff treat elders in a special way.

The staff on board was no less friendly and kind. Once all were seated comfortably the journey started right on time. I should say GUN TIME. The take off was smooth and I as a first time flier was beginning to enjoy each and every mile of the journey. Captain Heinz announced the usual facts and I was feeling grateful to God that we were not outside the aircraft. I have heard a lot about landings being bumpy and so when the plane was nearing Chennai I was eagerly getting ready for the landing. But when the aircraft touched down I didn’t feel a thing. I asked the guy next to me if he has experienced such a smooth landing. He said “No”. As we were checking out I walked up to Captain Heinz and commended him for the smooth Landing.

My first experience in air and it was in Go Air. Go Air is etched in my memory and will remain so. I look forward to more such experiences with Go Air.

Keep flying higher Folks.

Murtuza Kagalwala :

As I had mentioned to you I traveled on the Mum - Coimbatore - Mum by Go Air.

It was a very pleasant experience.

In all ways what one expects from an airline was made available. Good Timing, Good Service and pleasant friendly faces... <

Look forward to travelling more often on Go Air, Insahallah...


Dear Sir,

It was an excellent journey. I have ever felt in life.

Go Air is the most economical and most comfortable flight. It is better than even JET AIRWAYS. <

This is my open challenge that with better marketing and services it will become the India's most visited and preferable flight very soon. My further best washings to you.

Hereby extending my blessings and wishing of success to crew members, pilot and all staff of GO AIR.


Look forward to travelling more often on Go Air, Insahallah...

Vineet Gupta :


I traveled onboard flight nos. G8-111 and G8-112 on 12th and 17th of this month respectively. Normally we don't even look back at the aircraft after completing the journey and move on, leave alone writing to the airline about our experience.

However, this time, I had made up mind to drop a line to all of you. <

Let me tell you that my experience with your airline was much better than these so called full service airlines (they seem to so be full of themselves). The ground staffs, the cabin crew, the flight deck crew were all very cooperative and there was a lot of sense of ownership amongst them. There was freshness in their behaviour and not only me but my fellow passengers were also pleased with the approach of the crew members.

I overheard one lady talking to her husband and telling him how cooperative the ground staff has been in helping her board the aircraft with multiple pieces of cabin baggage.

The quality of the aircraft was also very good and spoke volumes about the cleaning and the maintenance crew.

I am a frequent flier and normally don't write such mails but I am taking the trouble of writing this mail because I am a satisfied customer and want this tradition to continue and this should come as an encouragement to you all to continue running this wonderful travelling solution.

Finally may I request you (whoever is first reading this mail) to ensure that this reaches all the concerned people and would appreciate if someone would acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

Ritesh Nair :

Dear Sir,

I had the opportunity to use your services while flying from Coimbatore to Mumbai on G8-108 on 19th Jan 2006. I was very skeptical about the services I should expect from GoAir, especially since my inward flight into Coimbatore earlier in the same day vide Air Deccan was a disastrous experience. I got off the Air Deccan flight vowing never to board another Air Deccan flight again.

As if to increase my worries, I could not get through to your numbers to do a tele-check-in. But when I got to the airport, the services were exemplary. Very customer friendly airport staff and excellent in-flight services. I still recall the services of Dilraj, Rahul, Shirin and Devina on this service, and take this opportunity to specially commend their approach to customers. It is a privilege to have such treasures on board. They have not only excelled in their duties, but also won a customer over. GoAir surely will be a preferred choice for me in the sectors that you fly, much like Air Deccan will be last.

I had the opportunity to write a poem in-flight and take the opportunity to send u the same:

Touch the skies,
Soar up above high.
A world to conquer
Set standards to live by.

Open wings, new courses,
Sweet smiles, elegant grace;
Eyes that glisten with dreams,
For all aboard, a friendly face.

Many miles to go and fly,
Opportunities waiting to grow;
That’s the way, yeah.
Don’t stop, baby - go, go, Go!

Finally may I request you (whoever is first reading this mail) to ensure that this reaches all the concerned people and would appreciate if someone would acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

Raveen B.G.


Thank you very much for sorting out the problem in a good and easy way. Even before travelling you people create some good opinion on GOAIR. Once again Thanks a lot.

Sarina Fernandes


I must appreciate the concern your crew showed towards me whilst I was on board. I was unwell & they really took good care of me. Although there had no vomit bags (which I think is a must on flights) I was accommodated with a bag that served the purpose. They came up to me to find out if there was anything else I need.

Thanks guys for helping me travel whilst I was sick ; )

It was a Mumbai - Goa trip. It was my first trip on GoAir but even now when I see GoAir take off in the sky I feel nice. It brings a smile on my face & I can't help telling friends "Take GoAir it is a nice flight".

Shiva Shanker


I really appreciate the GO Air service and my feedback about the GO Air is every INDIAN should travel by GO AIR at least once.

GO AIR experience is Excellent. We wish you all the best and Service is excellent.






Hi JEH, regards to you, I traveled yesterday from Goa 2 Mumbai by ur G8106 flight at 3:10. We were five of us in the family. The entire experience was just wonderful. The staff was courteous.

I had got a few plants with me n I was concerned abt the well being of the plants. The ground staff assured me regarding it in the Goa airport.

The surprise was that I got the plants in the same condition in the Mumbai airport. N u know wat the staff there personally gave me the plants in my hand. Dat was very much heartening. I being a plant lover was very much delighted with this.

This was the first time wen I traveled by GO, the budget carrier. The seats were very nice infact. Very much better than wat ur low fare competitors offer.

Rakesh Mishra

This to tell the wonderful exp go air gave I was travelling from jai - bom with my mother and my mom was not able to walk properly but the staff at the air they helped me in such a good manner that I was very impressed by that the so I thought of thanking go air regarding the service it provided me.

i should say Mr Wadia has maintained the standards for the air lines for aged people thanks a lot go air again...

Stephen D'souza

Mr. Jeh Wadia, Managing director, Go Airlines (India) Ltd.
Sub: Experience Passion (Quality of Staff- Ms Erina/Mr Suraj Fernandes.)

I recently traveled on Go Air G8106 from Goa to Mumbai on 25/1/06 and was asked to leave behind a certain item at the Security desk, which was wrongly carried in my Hand Baggage instead of my checked in luggage. I was informed by Security that the same would be handed over by the ground staff upon arrival in Mumbai Airport, but on arrival not only were the ground staff clueless about my package, they could not even give me some name or number that I could call so as to ascertain the status of my package.

I explained to them that this was my first trip with Go Air and that in the past I have had certain items taken away by security whilst travelling with other airlines only to be promptly handed over to me upon arrival by the ground staff of the same airline.

I was quite annoyed with your staff's helplessness and told them that I would never fly with Go Air again, at which stage your ground staff namely Ms. Erina was visibly upset by my statement, she then pacified me and sent me off with an assurance that my problem would be resolved by her personally. She kept true to her word and called me later to verify the nature of my package and then called me back once again to let me know that the package had been found and that I could collect it from the check in counter on my return flight to Goa (apparently the Goof up was done by the security at Goa, who had deposited the package on the subsequent flight instead of the flight I was travelling on.

On my return flight G8105 29/1/06 to Goa, I noticed a similar attribute in your Ground Staff namely Mr. Suraj Fernandes who personally went down to arrival to try and locate the package.

What prompted me to write is the attribute found in the above mentioned staff. This attribute is called PASSION, and no amount of training or experience can ever produce this quality in a human being, because it comes from within.

So please accept my compliments for having such wonderful staff on your team. I am sure that if this same standard of recruitment is maintained it won't be long before you are the No. 1 airline of the country.
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