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Optional Seating Preference

Customers can now pre-book their seats as per their desired preference on www.GoAir.in.


Extra Leg Room

  1. Customers can now pre-book seats with extra leg room to make their trip more comfortable.
  2. Please refer the seat map to identify such seats.
  3. Note that this service is available for a fee of 600/-* per seat depending upon the seat choice.

Window or Aisle Seats:

  1. Customers can now pre-book a window or aisle seat for privacy and convenience.
  2. Please note that this service is available for a fee of 300/-* per seat from row 4 to 11.

All other seats can be reserved without any charge

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please note the rates for the pre-book of seats on www.GoAir.in has been revised w.e.f. 2nd June 2014. All other terms and conditions continue to apply. Kindly visit www.GoAir.in to know more about the rates.
  2. The seat fee is refundable in case of cancellation of the journey. However in case of No Show seat fee will be non-refundable.
  3. Any modification in the type of the seat selection to a higher value seat will attract differential charge.
  4. Please note that expectant mothers, infants, children under 15, elderly or passengers with medical complaint/disability cannot sit at the Emergency Exit Rows. Note that some seats may be non-reclining.
  5. In case of unforeseen situations GoAir reserves the right to change the chosen seat without any prior notice. In such cases customer’s seat fee will be refunded.
  6. GoAir reserves the right to assign or re-assign seats at any time, even after boarding the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, safety and/or security reasons. In such cases, customer’s seat fee will be refunded.
  7. If the customer does not wish to pre-book, GoAir may assign seats as per its discretion, subject to availability and fulfillment of criteria required by any regulation.
  8. Downgrade option from a seat already purchased of a higher value to a lower value is not permitted.
  9. Please note that Window or Aisle seats I seats on row 3, 12 & 13 will not be available for selection during web check-in if not pre-purchased. Customers who pre-purchase these seats can print their boarding pass through web check-in.
  10. Any interpretation issues in respect of the above, the decision by Go Airlines shall be binding on the customers.
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